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Me? Nervous?

Yeah. I’m nervous.

I’m nervous because after all the novels I’ve written, I’m about to release something totally different. The Bliss Book. My take on the Law of Attraction, my understanding of how and why it works the way it does, and how I use it to manage my life.

I have more like it in me. But it’s definitely a departure from the fiction that pays the bills around here.

Some of the book is entry level LOA, some is middle ground, and some of it is right off the deep end. It’s loaded with adorable illustrations and quotes for sharing. There are assignments at the end of each chapter, things you can do right then, guaranteed to help you get this, and improve your life in the meantime. And there are discussion topics at the end too for your book club or study group.

The pre-order for this is going up soon. It will go on sale April 24th, 2018.

I hope you’re going to like it!

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