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Me Time (Maggie)

Once again, I’m on my own. My other half, Lance, had to leave to do some work for his parents up in Black Lake, and for various reasons, mostly having to do with our menagerie, I’m home without him. He’ll be gone for a week at most, and I’m trying not to pout about it. Lots of people would relish this time to themselves. I am not one of them. I don’t know, maybe we’re still in our honeymoon phase. I know a lot of couples have to endure far longer separations, but we’re not a lot of couples. We’re us. And what other people do or don’t do really has nothing to do with us. We feel how we feel.

However, I’m determined to make the best of this time, and to keep my positive attitude, so it’s time for a little rampage of appreciation, which is a great way to get aligned. I’m not even going to explain how it works, I’m just going to dive in, and it’ll be obvious.

I am so glad that I feel this way about the man in my life! Isn’t it great that I’m in a place where I enjoy being with him even more than I enjoy being alone? Because, really, I enjoy being alone. I’ve always relished having time to myself. Solitude. So how rare and special is it to have found someone whose company I enjoy even more than my own?

And how great is it that he’s as miserable without me as I am without him? We miss each other and that’s really awesome. And it’ll be even more awesome when he gets back. These occasional separations are good for us, too. They keep us from getting ho-hum, and stale, from taking each other for granted. They sharpen up our longing for one another. They make us appreciate each other even more.

This week is giving me some excellent time to do some extra special one on one bonding with the dogs. He usually does the lion’s share of the dog care around here. I’ve been slacking off and letting him. But this week, it’ll be me walking them around the property line every morning and every evening, and then joining with them in the “wild rumpus” of hell raising before bed. It’s me cooking their meals and measuring them out. It’s me taking them through their daily tricks & treats. It’ll really strengthen my connection to them. Not to mention that we are all missing Lance together, and bonding over that too.

And I get to bond with the lizard, too. Forest isn’t as cuddly as Dozer, Daisy, and Niblet are, but he’s going to have an opportunity to get used to the sound of my voice this week, and to see my face looking through the glass at him as I dangle a tasty earthworm or two from a long pair of tongs.

In addition to all of that, this enforced solitude is giving me lots of time to get a jump on my writing. As a rule, I write my pages in as small a part of the day as possible, and then try to spend the rest having fun. But with my partner missing, fun isn’t really calling to me, or even all that possible. It’s just no fun without him. So I tend to spend more time writing, just to make the hours go by faster. I’ll be ahead of schedule by the time he gets home.

I’m going to use the evenings to catch up on my chick flicks, movies I’ve been wanting to see that he isn’t necessarily all that excited about. I watched Amelia, and Couples Retreat already. And I’ll hang out with the girls a bit, and maybe spruce up the house a little while he’s away. And I’ll be glad to have done all of those things.

Maybe I’ll get some photos and video projects done that I’ve been meaning to work on for PR and my webpages and stuff. It’s not like I don’t have plenty to do.

Boy I miss him though. =)

It’s gloomy and rainy outside, as if the skies are reflecting the feelings I’m trying to keep at bay. But the rain this weekend ought to melt away the snow even faster, and that’s a good thing. And the sun is supposed to return on Monday afternoon, so I’ll be eagerly anticipating that, and I’ll make sure to get out and enjoy it when it does finally show up. It’s time to start taking photos of signs of spring, I think. That will be a fun use of my time.

There’s plenty to keep me busy while he’s gone. But, oh, boy, will I ever be happy when he gets back! And he will too. How lucky am I? How lucky are we both? We’ve got it pretty good, that’s for sure.

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