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My Facebook “Friends”

I was just over on my Facebook Page and someone had asked me for more info on my books. What I was working on, what was up next. At that moment, I had this horrifying feeling that I’d been posting so much silly, funny stuff, I’d neglected to post what most people were probably there to find–book info! (I always feel slightly off about pushing and plugging myself!) Mostly, I’d been re-posting photos with funny captions, jokes, lots of positive, uplifting quotes, and anything posted by George Takei. (Yes, that George Takei.)

I did what any horrified social networker would do. I immediately posted all the latest book news, followed quickly by asking my followers if I’d been posting too much silly stuff.

Their replies really touched me. By and large, they all said they just loved my silly posts, especially the personal ones. They loved that I post about my kids, grandkids, dogs, family, favorite TV shows, corny jokes, and all my Positive-Pollyanna “create your own reality” stuff, too. One of my followers said–wait a minute, wait a minute. Followers? Really? One of my followers? Doesn’t that sound like I’m some kind of charismatic cult leader or something? Sheesh!