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My Ostara Magic

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Law of attraction says that like attracts like. When we want to create something that we don't currently have in our experience, the method is to change ourselves into the version of us who does have this in our experience. Who is the healthier version of me? Become her. Who is the wealthier version of me? Become her. Who is the kinder version, the happier version, the one with her deck replaced and a new koi pond alongside it? Become her.

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Not even to refill your coffeee mug. Trust me on this. The Universe woke me up early telling me urgently to add this note to the post, so maybe somebody was going to have a problem. Don't risk it.


In natural magic we use things that match the vibration of the magical goal. So I thought about my goals for 2021, and a theme emerged, so I chose a candle whose color matched the energy of my goals for the coming seasons of planting and growing. Then I chose an oil that also matched the energy. I want to raise my own vibration to match the vibe of the magical goal. Using colors and scents and can help me tune in.

I carved symbols into the candle. Then I dressed it with my chosen oil, pulling the oil along the length of the candle from the farhest point away to the closest point to me. Then I flipped the candle and repeated that.

I ran the candle through incense smoke, the scent also a match the vibe, and invited the Air to add its energy of growth and movement. I ran it through a flame and invited Fire to add passion and energy. I sprinkled it with blessed water and asked for the energy of emotional healing and vision and wisdom. I rubbed it with salt and invoked the blessings of earth, abundance and physical manifestation.

I had a larger votive candle, rust colored, autumn scented, burning in the north, a symbol of manifestation. Thoughts becoming things. I took my new candle, the smaller one, and I pressed it right down on top of the larger votive, smooshing it in so it would stay. And then I lit it, and said a spontaneous rhyming charm that just came to me.

I did some good old fashioned energy raising next, moving clockwise round the circle to some rousing music, and raising and raising and raising my vibration and that of the magic while the spell candle burned, and I released all that energy toward my goals.

Then I sat and meditated to allow the spell candle to burn a little longer.

Finally, I gave thanks and extinguished the candle.

But wait, there's more!

I moved the candle, and a small item that represents my goals into an eastern window. In the morning, I'm going to light it again to welcome the Spring. I intend to watch the sun rise from that window while the spell candle burns, so the energy of Ostara, of birth and growth and pure potential fertilize the magic even more.

The 16 Second Rule

Spiritual teacher Abraham has said that if you focus on a desire for as little as sixteen seconds, momentum begins to take hold, and that if you get to sixty-four seconds, you've really set things into motion.

Casting a spell holds one's focus on one's goal for considerably longer. It also helps to raise our own vibration to match that of our desire, which is how we create it.

Blessed Ostara! Welcome Spring

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