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Navigating the Darkness

So we think we've been mostly aligned and living our best life, and then some big, unwanted experience shows up right smack in the middle of our path.

First, we'll go through the stages of grief, because whatever our life was before, it's not now, and it probably won't be again. We don't go backward. But we can be sure that what lies ahead of the dark patch has the potential to be even better than what came before it. It can be a new and improved version of what we had before.

So there will be periods of sadness and grieving for what's gone by, followed by raging and anger at the big bad thing that has come, and maybe some denial in the form of thinking we can avoid this part of the path. But eventually we'll come to acceptance, and that's when we can begin to move through.

But first, we probably want to know WTF happened.

There's no doubt something did...