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Never Feel Unworthy Again

Do you ever feel like a fraud?


And the voice adds, you even have proof that you’re not on the same level with those others; you don’t have the success they have. Not the numbers of sales. Not the numbers of dollars. Not the awards or recognition or fame. Ergo, you are not in the same league. You are small time. 

What Those Kinds of Thoughts Do


Believing you are somehow less than, the most successful people in your field, ensures that you remain stuck in the little box of success you, yourself, have created. You created it by believing in it. You can’t move any higher than the make believe lid you’ve put on your box. And you can pound and bang on that lid all you want, but it’s not going to budge.

The box, and its lid, will only go away when you stop believing in them. Stop noticing them. Like the martial artist who must think through the brick before smashing it with his hand, you must think through the box of your imagined limitations. They are not real. You made them up. They only exist within your own mind. You must convince yourself that the box does not exist. And when you do, it dissolves.

Look Elsewhere!

Instead of seeing the life around you as proof you are not worthy of anything more, start looking at the very same things and discovering proof that you ARE.

This came to me the other day as I was out walking, and I was just suddenly overcome by the beauty around me. The Autumn Leaves. Their color is so vivid that people who haven’t lived among them, upon seeing photos, inevitably believe they’ve been retouched or enhanced somehow. But no. The foliage in my area looks like the old black light posters that used to hang in my childhood bedroom. The orange is like the blaze orange that hunters will be wearing in a few weeks. The red is like no other red I’ve ever seen.


And suddenly, I imagined a little girl handing her mommy a piece of her artwork. Why did the little girl draw or paint the picture or make the macaroni art for her mom? Because she loves her. She loves her mom so much she wants to give her something beautiful.

And that’s when it hit me…that’s how much we are loved. We are loved so much that all of creation just wants to give us something beautiful. Just to express that love for us, our Source, our Higher Self, our Divinity, our God, pours absolute beauty out to us just for the sheer love of us.

I Am You Are Goddess

There’s a song on a CD I had long ago. It goes, Be still and listen. Know that I am you are Goddess.  What a beautiful thought. And maybe not just be still and listen, but be still and see. Be still and breathe. Be still and feel. Be still and taste. Be still and receive.

If you are here, and alive, and in physical form, you are a part of the Divine.

And there is no part of the Divine that is unworthy.

Embrace Your Inner Goddess

When you feel unworthy, you are calling the ultimate eternal spirit of life that engenders you, unworthy too. Because there is no separation. There is no difference between the spirit that is currently occupying your physical body, and the spirit that is The Whole. No difference, and no separation. Not truly.


So be still and listen and know that I am, you are, Goddess. [bctt tweet=”If u feel unworthy, u r blind 2 ur absolute divinity. To become unblind, open your eyes.” username=”@MaggieShayne”]

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