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Numerology and the American Rennaissance

In my own practice, I like to look to other sources besides numerology for the significance of the number, so here I will include symbolism from the Tarot as well as from the Qabala.

November 3rd, 2020

Election Day. To get a single digit from 11/03/2020 you just drop the zeroes and add each individual digit together. So 1 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 2 = 9

In Numerology 9s are all about the very end, but not quite the finalé of a matter. They are completion, the end of a cycle that ushers in a new cycle. It’s not truly over, however, until the new cycle begins.

9s represent awakening, like the one so many humans experience right before we pass away, suddenly seeing our lives through a different lens. Suffering opens the heart to greater tolerance, compassion, understanding. It wants to nurture all those in need of support.

Wouldn’t THAT be a beautiful country to live in? One that has learned from the suffering it has just come through and who wants to nurture its pandemic- and violence-weary citizens?

In the Qabala 9s belong to the sphere of Yesod. This is the foundation where all things not yet physical await to be born. It’s the realm of the moon, which can be filled with illusion but also potential. Something dreamed of that is about to become physical reality.

In Tarot 9 is The Hermit, who holds out his lamp to all who would follow its light. He’s on a vision, a quest, a journey, a search for something. He must take things slowly and carefully. He needs a plan. 9s can indicate a search for, or the arrival of a teacher or guru. It can also indicate that it IS the teacher or guru. It’s about mastery.

January 20th, 2020

Inauguration Day is an 8. In numerology 8s relate to setting and achieving goals like a goal-setting monkey on crack. 8 has a really potent drive to succeed.

It’s also the same shape as the lemniscate, the symbol for infinity and the symbol for balance, and if you ask me, for perpetual motion. Energy without end. Everything it takes, it gives, and everything it gives, it receives. It is stable and supported and steady.

In the Qabala, 8s belong to the sphere of Hod, which focuses on books and knowledge, learning and teaching. Hod is the realm of science. Science! Law and communication. It deals with control and restriction.

To explain the value of this sort of control/restriction, think of a broken power line. The line has the force of electricity shooting out from the broken end. It is whipping and snapping, wild, unpredictable, dangerous, out of control. It can kill, set fires, cause destruction. It’s useless, raw, power.

If the wire is mended, the power is contained and controlled. Now it is not whipping wildly, but controlled, directed toward the places where it’s needed. It gives us light and heat and entertainment. It is the electricity that powers our lives. It is essential, controlled power.

8s are the power lines that control and direct the forces of the Universe. They restore order.

8s are enduring and patient. They know there’s success on the other side of the struggle.

In Tarot, 8s are Strength. They refer to expansion, giving, sending, beaming energy outward. Projection. Again they speak of order and even re-evaluation. Evolution, balance, cause and effect. Moving on. They are about a gentle, loving, but masterful and wise application of control over massive amounts of power.

USA: Theme for 2021

1/1/2021 gives us the energy for the entire year. 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 7

On the other hand, in her book Tarot For Your Self, Ellen Cannon Reed, recommends using one’s birth day and birth month with the current year to get a kind of an overall personal theme for the year. I thought we might try that with our country. I think the most widely accepted date for the USA’s birthday is July 4th, yes? So…

7 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 16. (That’s not a single digit so we add again.) 6 + 1 = 7

Interestingly, either way, the USA’s theme for 2021 is a 7

I love this number!

The Qabala: 7s belong to the realm of Netzach on the Tree of Life. That’s the sphere of victory and of the arts. It’s about achievement and magnetism and love! LOVE! 2021 will be the year of love.

7s can indicate a first degree initiation, initiation by fire. We’ve been through a lot, we’ve emerged as something new. Something better. But the first degree initiation is the beginning, not the end of the journey. There is much work to be done. Ellen Cannon Reed says this “means success, so the trials to come can soon be overcome.”

7s are, I was taught, the realms of the muses and of all inspiration in the arts.

In numerology, 7s dig deep in their search for answers. They are intellectuals, thinkers, researchers, insatiably curious. This is so good!

It’s also an awakening to a spirituality that transcends the limitations of religion. 7s are very good at telling what’s useless from what’s good information, and fact from fiction.

7s can turn inward a little too much sometimes. They hold their cards close to their chest and that can make it harder to relate.

In Tarot, 7s are The Chariot. It’s about control. You have faith and confidence in your abilities, and, get this, word for word from Mary K. Greer’s Tarot For Your Self. “Control over nature by force of will or technology. Harnessing all your forces toward your purpose.” She speaks of unresolved tensions being controlled and a journey of personal growth.

Bold predictions!

Based on this, there will be a new administration coming to power. The transition phase will be fraught with tension and conflict, but Inauguration Day ushers in a new beginning.

2021 is going to be a better year, a year during which we bring Covid 19 under control, based on that bit about controlling nature through technology and will. I also think it will be a year of awakening. Massive awakening.

The nation as a whole is going through an initiation, a trial by fire that has brought and continues to bring great suffering. But that pain leaves behind raw, fertile soil and as we emerge blinking from the darkness, we will, all of us, experience an awakening. Even the most tightly closed mind will be pierced by at least a thin ray of light.

2021 is a 7 for the USA! A year of love, of brotherhood, healing, and of poetic and artistic inspiration. It is the beginning of the American Rennaissance.

I’m so inspired after having crunched the numbers!

At some point in the not to distant future I’m going to do a reading on these same topics and see what comes up. If you guys don’t burn the place down, over this one, I’ll even share what I get. 🙂

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