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Obstacles; a New Understanding

I am, as we speak, writing what might just be the book of my life. I am as madly in love with this novel as I’ve been with few before. I can think of 3 out of 60 some-odd titles. And that, by the way, is why you haven’t heard from me in a while. I have been obsessed with this story.

Back on topic. I’m not going to list them. I’m actively trying to let go of them, so why on earth would I hold them in place by focusing on them? Bad things happened, and then more bad things happened.

Why was I attracting all this?

There’s really only answer to that question, no matter who’s asking it. What comes to me matches my vibration. My world is my mirror. If I’m attracting frustration it’s because I’m vibrating frustration. And then it snowballs.

So then I started trying to figure out how I had allowed my vibration to match the energy of frustration. And I spent days on that. Did I watch too much news? (Yes, I did.) Did I resent ordinary interruptions (life, love, the need to shower) so much that my vibe matched resentment, attracting more to resent? (Yes, I did.)

I spent too much time trying to nail down everything I might’ve been focused on that had brought my vibe so low. And then I realized, looking backward wasn’t going to help in any way. What’s done is done, it can’t be undone or changed. So why was I wasting time on it?

And then I received a gentle reminder in meditation. It’s the secret of the cosmos. It’s the key to all that is. This is it, this is everything.

Just focus on feeling good right now.

It doesn’t matter where my attention was, or what knocked me off course. All that matters is where my vibe is right now. If I turn the channel, and all that bad stuff will just fall away. So instead of staying tuned where I am while reviewing all my recent play lists, I am turning the channel.

And as soon as I decided to do that, I received another little message.

Those were not roadblocks. They were speedbumps.

And I understood something I hadn’t before.

When you are more aligned than not, and leading a pretty upbeat life, holding your vibe at a

This story I’m writing is special. And it still had some rough patches, and I was blind to them because I’m so in love with it. The speed bumps have forced me to slow the F down. To savor the time I get to spend in this world, in this story. To take the time to make every sentence perfect, to make every scene memorable, to ease the pacing into place until all the cogs fit easily together.

Speed bumps tell us to slow down, to take our time. They mean, “You have not finished here yet. So we’re not letting you move on until you do.” They mean, “Don’t drive so fast up the coast that you never turn to look at the ocean.”

What if it's always that way?

What if every apparent obstacle we ever face in life is really just a speed bump advising us to slow down and savor where we are a little bit longer? What if they’re always telling us to spend some extra time here, and make sure we’ve done everything we want and need to do before moving on?

What if every frustrating delay and snafu is our Higher Self guiding us? If we’re aligned, we feel that guidance, sense it, we download it during meditation. If we’re a little bit out of tune, we don’t get those downloads, and She has to work harder to get our attention.

Roadblocks don’t seem so evil, now, do they?”

’til next time,


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