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Orlando, The Recap!

Here I am, standing by the water outside my hotel at Disneyworld, in Orlando. The temp during this shot was about 175. Yes, that’s Celsius. (I exaggerate only a bit!) Behind me you can see the swans atop our sister hotel, “The Swan.” Ours was “The Dolphin.” But it had coy fish on top. According to the staff, Mahi-Mahi were also called “Dolphins” and that’s what they meant. I think the artist was a landlubber. =)

We had a fantastic time, both at the RWA convention and at Disney, though I do not advise ever trying to do two such huge things at the same time.

What I loved most: Seeing my daughter Lisa at her first RWA, the excitement, the inspiration, the eagerness. I remember it well.

Pirates of the Caribbean, of course. Fake Johnny Depp is better than no Johnny Depp at all.

The Haunted Mansion. First and always.

Aerosmith’s Rockin’ Rollercoaster, and the little tiny girl who looked up at my terrified face in the line, and said, “It’s not all that scary, lady. I been on it thwee times alweady.”

Animal Kingdom–hippos, rare black rhinos, silverback gorillas, gators, birds, giraffes, elephants, and more. I love animals!

Thrilled to Michael Jackson’s 1986 3-D show, Captain Eo, too. As well as Ellen’s Nightmare about the Dinosaurs, with her pal, Bill Nye the Science Guy.

We really had a blast. And we worked too. We gave away, for free, over 1400 books, signed many of them, met many eager, wonderful readers, and celebrated the release of my 50th book, (KILL ME AGAIN.)

I got to hear speakers such as Sherrilyn Kenyon, Nora Roberts, and Jayne Ann Krentz, and attend workshops that inspired and uplifted me.

I wept at the RITA/Golden Heart Awards ceremony, seeing dreams come true and knowing how that feels.

I learned a lot about my relationship too at this con. I was so homesick it made me grouchy, and I was just as missed. With every mile of our plane ride home, I felt lighter and more joyful, until by the time we landed I was literally bouncing in my seat with tears in my eyes. I was met at the airport by gorgeous hunk bearing gifts, a single rose, a Diet Coke, a big hug. My man kicks ass. I don’t do well without him.

So the 30th Anniversary RWA Convention is accomplished, and we brought back a pile of memories almost as big as the pile of books, bookmarks, business cards and new friends.

I’m home again, slowly catching up, freshly inspired, totally tired, and all is right with the world!

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