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Boarding the V-train: Who We Are and How We Got Here

Who are we?

We’re Mags and Mac! Mags- a plant-based hippie, witch, mom, and prolific author. Mac-a rollerskating, vegan, nurse and rebel Yogi. We dove in head-first to the plant-based life early this year. As a couple of noobs we want to share our journey and lend our support to anyone looking to get a little more plant-based in their life! Whether you’re ready to ditch meat and dairy all together, or just want to add more meatless meals to your repertoire, we’re here for you!

What does “eating like you give a shit” mean to us?

Giving a shit about ourselves. Eating should be joyful and fulfilling. Not fraught with stress and guilt. Not restrictive. Not about counting every calorie or macro or gram of fat. It’s food, not calculus.

Giving a shit about the world. Finding a way to fulfill ourselves without contributing to the destruction of the world we live in. Discovering new ways to eat so we never feel deprived, but never feel depressed about our impact on the world.

Giving a shit about the animals! Where food comes from matters to us. Once we made the mental connection between the cruelty inflicted on farm animals and the end product packaged in the grocery store, giving up animal products stopped feeling like a sacrifice.

Before we began this journey, I felt frustrated and helpless about the impact I was having on the world. I wanted to do something, but I didn't know where to start or if it was even possible for me. If you feel like I did, this give us a like and subscribe. We will try to help you along the way with an honest look at the journey of a couple bumbling newbie vegans.

With all the love,

Mags and Mac

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