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Product Review: Full Circle Southwestern Veggie Burgers

I loved these veggie burgers. Finally, a veggie burger that gets the texture right. On the inside where it counts. And I don't mean "right" as in, seems like beef. Right, as in, not soggy, nice and firm. And they taste fantastic. The seasonings are mild. I don't like anything hot, and these didn't burn at all.

I love that you can see the veggies, some still whole, in these burger before you cook them..

Hubs and I have been working our way through all the burger-like foods, and I have to say for me, this one's the best so far. I only review things I like so you might notice not many burgers here. Theres a reason.

I am pretty happy with this list of ingredients, too. So yes, I just loved these. We had them with a thin vegan bagel for a bun and a slice of Follow Your Heart brand medium cheddar slices, which are also very good.

Full Circle veggie burgers are a really wonderful, healthy, tasty, quick meal. Making one's own bean and rice burger takes time. I like having options.

It's vegan, and I think plant-based. I'm not sure about the oil. I don't know what the plant-based "rule" is on canola oil because I'm a child of the 70s.

5 Stars. Mags' Top Rating for Full Circle Brand Veggie Burgers!

They get it right!

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