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Product Review: Panda Chocolates

I am a life long chocoholic. My husband knows this, and has often employed the, "If she seems pissed, produce chocolate as if by magic, present it to her with a flourish, and watch her melt and go, "Aww."

So naturally, the Panda Chocolate ads got me the first time I saw one in my feed. And I clicked. And I bought. And I ate.

Their giant sized chocolate bars are 100 grams, or about 3.5 oz. and cost $6.50 each US.

They offer Classic, Peanut Butter, Caramel & Salt, Hazelnut Cream, Hazelnut Crunch, Dark Toffee Cream, Dark & Coconut Cream, White, and White and Cookies.

They also have a selection of single serving size bars, about 1.6 oz (45 grams) that run $3.00 each. Those flavors are Caramelized Coconut, Peanut Butter & Corn Flakes, Hazelnut Cream & Rice Crisps, and Pistachio Halva.

They offer free shipping for purchases of $40 or more, which gets me to add one more bar to my cart every time, so they picked the right dollar amount.

Here at Chez Mags, we on our second order in less than a month, because this stuff is the REAL DEAL. It tastes like milk chocolate. It breaks like milk chocolate. It chews like milk chocolate. There is nothing about it that gives it away as Vegan.

But it is! And it's absolutely delicious. Rich. Creamy. Flavor that just melts in your mouth. Oh, so good. We could not leave it alone. Our first order was for 3 of the big bars. Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, and Classic. My husband and I annihilated all three bars in the same number of days.

The second time we tried the smaller sized bars and they are even better. I could live on the peanut butter!

The packaging is reasonable. The carboard is fully recyclable of course, as cardboard is, and the inner foil can be recycled with potato chip type bags and granola wrapped. I can't do that locally so I send them out.

They're just good in every way. I would choose them over dairy milk chocolate every single time. And bonus, they're pus-free! (Cow's milk is permitted to contain 700 million grams of pus per liter.)

If I still had little children, I'd be FILLING their Ostara baskets and Yule stockings with Panda Chocolate. This is an absolute must buy. Hubs and I have overlapping orders so we don't run out, and we eat a couple of squares every single day.

Click below to visit the site.


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