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Puppy Love


Here's what happened. We saw an ad for a 7 month old female English Mastiff named Rosie, and we thought she might be the one. But every time we made a date to see her, the owners backed out, and after two weeks they told us they’d given her to a friend.

Rosie’s job was to let us know we were ready for another dog.

Then we saw an ad for some other pups, and we went to see them, but they didn’t turn out to be what we expected and it just didn’t feel right.

Those pups’ job was to get us to drive north of Syracuse.

Since we were already close, I was overcome with the urge to phone Beowulf Mastiffs. We’d been looking at their website and knew they had pups, and I just had the feeling we needed to go there and see them. So we phoned, but we were asking more than we knew. It isn’t their practice to let anyone near the pups. There’s an application process. But for some reason, Scott, one of the owners, agreed to let us come anyway, and we were allowed into the puppy room where Scott said no customers had gone before. (Notice how I put a little Star Trek spin on that last line? You’re welcome.)


And there she was Scott was showing us other litters, and we looked politely, but we both knew it was her. This little girl had nearly gone to someone else, but it didn’t work out. Then Beowulf owners Scott and Susan thought they might keep her, but that was ruled out as well. And then Lance and I showed up.

We took her home that very day, Friday, and after trying several names, the one that stuck was Roxy, short for Roxanne.

Niblet and Dozer were curious...  and interested, but not the least bit growly. And within a few hours, Niblet’s behavior had changed from interested to “This is my puppy. No one else is allowed near her.” She chased away Butters the cat when she deemed him too close, and even told Dozer to keep his distance in no uncertain terms.


We’re giving him plenty of space. (Despite the photo. We moved her as soon as I snapped this one, I swear, but it was just too cute to resist a quick pic.) By the way, that’s an 8 week old puppy there. Dozer’s 195. She’s gonna be a big girl!

Butters: You're not allowed to chew the shoes!

Butters: “Roxy, that’s not what shoes are for.”

Butters the cat...  has decided she’s adorable and rub-worthy, except when she bit his tail a little while ago. He didn’t like that and told her so. Meanwhile, my old female, Glory, the cat who raised Dozer and Daisy and Niblet and other pups before them, has apparently had enough. She refused to come indoors the first night, and has been upstairs ever since. She looks at the pup and then at me as if to ask, “How could you?” She’ll get over it, though. She has a crusty exterior, and a heart of gold. And she really loves dogs.

The very first night, I made Roxy a den on the floor, on the left side of our bed. She cried and cried, so I decided to let her pick her own spot and start over. She went directly to the floor on the right side of our bed, the spot Daisy spent her last night in her physical body. (She never left, though, and I’m convinced she’s very much involved in every bit of this.)


Roxy is 8 and a half weeks old She’s an English Mastiff from one of the top breeders in the country. She’s both brilliant and precocious. And she has filled a hole in our family.

All of us, even the other dogs, feel the relief of that. She is exactly the pup we’ve been waiting for. And I’m pretty sure Daisy not only picked her out and guided us to her, but I think she might’ve poured a little bit of her own spirit into this puppy so she could be with us all over again.

You Might Think This Post is Off Topic....

But it’s not. It’s not at all. This was meant to be. I’ve been talking with Susann via email and we’ve found we have a whole lot of things in common. She even has a big amethyst geode almost identical to mine, in her collection.

Our vibrations are a match.

Things that match the energy you’re emitting will always, always, always come to you. What’s going on around you is a mirror of what’s going on within you. Everything in your life is both a clue, and a reflection. So nurture the moods and attitudes that you want to be living. And then you will be.

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