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In this post, I want to share some steps for cleansing, clearing, and rejuvenation in keeping with the spirit of spring. The energy renewal and rebirth were celebrated by many this weekend just gone by. It's a time of emergence from the darkness and cold of winter. For me, I've just completed a novel, and the final weeks before its release have involved intense work where I barely crawled out of its pages long enough to eat, sleep, and refill my coffee mug. Similar to a bear in spring, I too, am re-emerging from that season.

Now the project is complete. It releases on Tuesday 4/19, which is tomorrow as I write this. There's no more I can do to it. And now I have to let it fly on its own.

So here's my plan to shake off the energy of the cycle just finished. I need to refill the well. One cannot water a garden from a well gone dry. So now it's time for some self-nurturing. And these steps can be taken after any time of intense focus, regardless of the season, to renew.