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Returning the Magic to Your Life (Magical Living Post 1)


I remember driving past the post office on my way home from grocery shopping, and thinking, “I ought to stop there.” And then just as quickly thinking, “why the heck would I want to do that?” Only to arrive home, check my rural mailbox and find a note from the Postmaster saying I had a package waiting to be picked up. One that needed to be signed for or was too big to fit in the mailbox (this happened numerous times.) Did anything like that ever happen to you? That was magic.

Did you ever start humming a song just before it came on the radio? Or think of someone just before the phone rang, only to find it was that same person on the other end? Or pick up the phone to call them and find they were at that very same moment calling you?

That was magic.

Did you ever find that a coincidence made a set of circumstances fall into place in a very unlikely manner that allowed you to do something you’d