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Ripples, Swells, and Jingle Bells

It seemed like a small kindness, at the time, decades ago, buying a gift for some kids who didn’t have much. But the youngest one contacted me later. All grown up, she was spending her time working to give gifts to kids who didn’t have much. She told me that long ago gift had been magical to her, and had touched her deeply. It had stayed with her all this time, and made her want to help other kids who needed what she’d needed that year. It broke my heart with joy to know that my gift had meant so much to her, had shaped the course of her life, perhaps. But only a little. She has a good heart, a golden one.

Pondering on this has made me wonder how many other lives I have touched, for good or bad, in how many ways, that I do not even know about.

Our actions are pebbles in the still pools of creation. Their ripples expand to touch All That Is.

Everything that exists always exists. There is no de-creation process. So what we create here with our brilliant godlike minds exists forever. Its form might change, but it cannot cease to be.

This makes me want to be more thoughtful about what I create, and about what I choose to take with me into the new year. There’s baggage that needs to be left behind. Let the old sun take it into the great cosmic recycling center, and step forward lighter without it.

In the new year, I am going to try to only create happy ripples in the lake of reality. That’s my second resolution. My first, as I have already mentioned here, is to follow my bliss in absolute faith. OhmyGOSH this is going to be FUN.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

May the new year be peaceful, abundant, and kind.


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