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Samhain: Reflection and Ritual

The Final Harvest

Samhain (‘sow-en)


At the end of the growing season, we gather in the final harvest. All the fruits, veggies, grasses and grains are harvested. Our lives are a reflection of nature because the Universe is a mirror, and because everything is a reflection of everything else, and because as above so below, as below so above. All those hopes, dreams, plans and goals we planted in the spring and nurtured over the summer, are coming to fruition now.

Some of those seeds we planted have grown and flourished and borne fruit in our lives. Some of our desires have manifested. Others, like some vegetables such as rhubarb or asparagus, will take more than one year’s worth of patient tending before they reward us with a taste. Still others, like apple and cherry trees, may take several years to produce a harvest. And some of the seeds we planted, either never sprouted at all, or withered and died somewhere along the line.