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Scrabble Scramble & Secrets of Life

Answer the question at to get your shot at these and many other fantastic prizes in this month’s game of Scrabble Scramble!

You can find the answers at my website, with a bit of exploring. Hint: my booklists have titles in order from newest to oldest. A bit counterintuitive, so be on your toes! And while you’re there, check out my videos! They’re fun.

And while you’re here, I’m going to tell you my simple secrets of life, which is what I blog about most often here, though I also delve into other topics–my dogs (two giant English mastiffs and an overweight bulldog,) my kids (5 girls), my grandkids (8 & counting), and my life as a writer (utter bliss). I’m into Law of Attraction, Wicca (I’m legal clergy, a high priestess, elder, take your pick. I like “Witch Queen” best.) I can marry people, and I do a couple of times each year. I can tell the future with tarot cards or tea leaves. (I’m never wrong, though often puzzled until the event happens and I say, “Oohhhh, that’s what that meant!”) I have a lot of thoughts and wisdom about making your life what you want it to be, and if you follow this blog, you’ll get tips on how to do that every week or so.

And now without further ado, I give you: Maggie’s Magickal Secrets to Life!

1. Secret of Career: Do the thing you love the most, and do it the best you can, and the money will follow.

2. Secret of Time Management: Work when you feel like it. Play when you don’t. If deadlines interfere with this arrangement, (i.e. you have to work when you don’t feel like it) find ways to rev yourself up until you DO feel like it before you dive in. The more I give myself permission to goof off all day when the mood strikes, the more I get done on those days when I do work. Overall, productivity goes UP when I goof off at will. I swear.

3. The Secret to Love: Make a big fat hairy deal out of everything he does that you like. Pay so much attention to those things that he swells with pride over your praise. Completely ignore the things he does that drive you crazy. If you notice them, shift your attention immediately to something you love about him instead. Be consistent, and he will transform–the irritations fading into oblivion, the good things expanding to fill your heart. Advise him to do the same. Cause, um, no. You’re not perfect. 😉

4. The Secret of Decision Making: If it’s not a “Hell, yes!” then it’s probably a “Hell, no.”

5. The Secret to Happiness: It’s no one’s job to “make me happy.” It’s unfair to put that much onto anyone. Besides, no one can make me happy but me. It’s not my job to make anyone else happy. If they haven’t learned how to do it themselves, nothing I do will ever be enough. Make yourself happy, and let your joy shine onto everyone around you.

7. The Secret to Happiness-point-2. (STH.2) Happiness is a choice. It’s not based on the conditions around you, or on what other people do or don’t do. Your happiness is simply a matter of you choosing where you’ll focus your attention.

8. The Secret to Tragedy: When bad things happen, and they will, see them, feel terrible about them for a bit, and use them to really make you very clear about what you would prefer instead, what the solution is, how good it will be. That is the purpose of the bad stuff. To give you clarity and to put extra energy behind the solution you will now create. Then you have to turn toward the solution and not give in to the temptation and habit of wallowing in the problem. Telling everyone who will listen about the problem, day in and day out, just keeps the solution from arriving. Talk about the solution, the better thing this problem caused you to move toward.

9. The Secret Your Current Life Reveals: Remember your thoughts and your focus are mirrored back to you in your life. The way to tell if you’re on track or not is to look at your life. Is it going well, or not so well? If not so well, change your focus and your thoughts. The Universe is a mirror. It reflects what you show it. Change what you show it, and you change what you experience.

10. The Secret GPS Inside You: How do you know if your focus and thoughts are moving in the right direction? Ask yourself how you feel. If you feel sad, depressed, angry, impatient, any of those negative emotions, stop yourself and try to see what it was you were thinking about, or doing, when those feelings came along. Then shift your thinking to something that inspires good feelings, positive emotions. Your emotions are your GPS. Good ones mean you’re going the right way. Bad ones mean, “make the next legal u-turn.”

11. The Secret of Now: Resist the urge to apply any of this to anything that’s happened in the past. Random shit has happened to all of us in the past. This is nothing more than a way that might help you take some of the randomness out of the equation going forward. That’s why they call it “deliberate” living. Nothing matters but the present moment–the here and now is always where your power is. (The “eternal present.” ‘Cause it’s always “now.”) So right now, in the present moment, get your focus off the complaints, the politics, the economy, the big banks, your mother in law, any anything else you’re “against” or that is upsetting to you, and get yourself instead aligned with good things. It’s not about policing every thought, either, folks. That would be exhausting, and full of effort and stress. We want zero effort here. Don’t work so hard. Relax. Be easy. As long as the balance of your scales tips more positive than negative, you’re good, and it snowballs bigger all by itself. Gently get into the habit of shutting down the negative stream and opening up the positive one. That’s all.

12. The Secret of Life: We’re here to have fun. Spirit wanted to experience physical existence and so the world was born, and animal, veggie & mineral came to be. That’s all. There’s no big lesson to be learned, karmic debt to be paid, redemption to be earned, suffering to be offered. We’re plain and simply here because spirit wanted to expand and experience that which it had not before. We’re the vacation destination of God/Goddess/Source so to speak. So let’s show Him/Her/It/Them a good time! Life isn’t struggle and toil and taxes and death. Life is the be all and end all experience of being physical, which is just so cool I can’t even tell you. Think about it. We get to eat and taste food, and relish that. We get the physical pleasures of sex and touch and kiss and massage. We get the emotional bliss of loving another individual being in a way we don’t get in spirit form, because in spirit form we’re all one. We get to walk and talk and we get to have these amazing beautiful bodies, and this planet with its sunshine and rain and flowers and oceans. We get to share it with all the other beasts and birds we could imagine. We get to smell wonderful things and taste and feel. We get music and movies and games. We get to reproduce ourselves, having tiny little babies that bring even more joy. This physical life thing is about pleasure! About relishing every second of it.

The ways in which you can change your life using the knowledge of deliberate creating are as limitless as the Universe itself. Give it a try.

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