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Scrabble Scramble & Secrets of Life

Answer the question at to get your shot at these and many other fantastic prizes in this month’s game of Scrabble Scramble!

You can find the answers at my website, with a bit of exploring. Hint: my booklists have titles in order from newest to oldest. A bit counterintuitive, so be on your toes! And while you’re there, check out my videos! They’re fun.

And while you’re here, I’m going to tell you my simple secrets of life, which is what I blog about most often here, though I also delve into other topics–my dogs (two giant English mastiffs and an overweight bulldog,) my kids (5 girls), my grandkids (8 & counting), and my life as a writer (utter bliss). I’m into Law of Attraction, Wicca (I’m legal clergy, a high priestess, elder, take your pick. I like “Witch Queen” best.) I can marry people, and I do a couple of times each year. I can tell the future with tarot cards or tea leaves. (I’m never wrong, though often puzzled until the event happens and I say, “Oohhhh, that’s what that meant!”) I have a lot of thoughts and wisdom about making your life what you want it to be, and if you follow this blog, you’ll get tips on how to do that every week or so.