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Sedona Insights, Part 3

But I’m talking about more than that. There is no question in my mind that the red rocks of Sedona are places of power. Places where you feel the energy more than you do in any other place. The question is, why? I’ve been mulling it over ever since I got back. The guidebook I got says vortex sites are places where the earth is more alive than in others. Well, sorry, but that definition doesn’t fit. It’s hard to imagine there is more life in the desert thatn there is where I live. Every blade of grass, tree, leaf, plant, is alive, and the ground is carpeted, blanketed, every inch of it, in foliage and life. I know there’s life in the desert, abundant life. But just the grass blades alone must outnumber it, billions to one. Wildlife too.

So stay with me here, I’m getting to the point, I promise. What if, when we look at each individual blade of grass and tree and flower, we’re seeing the power that is the Whole of Earth, all sort of forking out into these smaller bits, disguised by these beautiful physical “bodies?” Once removed, like humans are. Small contained parts of Earth but not the whole Whole. What if when we look at the red-rocks of Sedona, with no soil on them, and very little plant life, and certainly no wall to wall grass carpeting, or forests of towering trees–what if that’s like looking at spirit minus the bodies? What if we are experiencing the pure, raw power that is Earth, the Whole of it, the Source of it, without having it filtered through dirt, grass, stem, stalk, root, bud, limb, leaf and trunk? Direct current. Pow.

When we look out on a vista of such breathtaking beauty, the likes of which we’ve barely even imagined, it knocks us out. I mean, it hits us like a blast of pure magic. You just go silent. I got tears just from the sheer beauty of it. I mean, look at this (below.) Imagine each of those little shrubs