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Should I leave?

5 Actionable Tips for Deciding One of the most frequent questions I get from readers and clients is this one. Should I leave? Should I leave my unhappy marriage? Should I leave the job I hate? Should I move across the country and start over in a new place?

When things are all but unbearably bad where were are, we want to get away from where we are. That’s perfectly normal.

Ask the real question...

The real question isn’t should I leave? The real question is, will things be better if I do? And the answer to that is, probably not so much.

Exception: Anyone who is in danger where they are should get out fast. That goes without saying. I’m saying it anyway.

But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about things not being the way we want them where we are, and whether they will more likely be the way we want them somewhere else.

The answer is, unless we change ourselves first, our circumstances are going to be the same wherever we go.

Here's why

We have a gravitational pull all our own!

Everything in our experience is a mirror. We live in a reflective universe.  We are like planets, only instead of a gravitational pull, we have a vibrational pull. It acts differently on different things. Where gravity attracts anything with mass, vibration attracts only the things that vibrate on the same frequency.

Like tuning our radio frequency to get the music we are hearing, our vibrational frequency tunes in the experiences we are living. Things that match, gather in our orbit, and we see them over and over in our lives, playing out in various ways, but repeating the same basic energies.

Wherever we go, all the stuff in our orbit stays with us, in one form or another.

Then I can't leave?

Yes, you can. Just not yet. I’m not saying don’t leave at all. I’m saying the problem isn’t where you are. The problem is what you are.

The answer then, is to change your channel before making the move.

Say you hate your house, you are miserable in your house, and you spend every day noticing all the flaws your house has, how run down it is, how many repairs it needs, how ugly it looks, etc.  So you just give it up and start looking for a different house.