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Skunked Again!

One day, on our daily walk with the dogs, we found a dead skunk on the trail, near a thick clump of bushes. We managed to get to her before the dogs did, and disposed of the body, which had not a mark on it. No idea why she died.

The next day, Dozer wandered off and returned smelling like skunk. He got inside before I realized, and so the house stank too! I rushed off to the closest store for Doggy Skunk Shampoo, and returned home to scrub him silly. And it worked. (Pro-Pet Skunk & Tough Odor Remover, bought at True Valu.) But I kept thinking, that skunk smell should have been much worse. And a few hours later, as soon as he got outside again, in fact, that smell was renewed.

In fact, every time Dozer went outside, he returned with a dialed down dose of skunk perfume clinging. I suspected the dead skunk we’d found had left behind some babies. There’s nothing in this world Dozer dog loves as much as baby animals. Lance thought it more likely that the adult skunk had sprayed around her former home at some point, and the dog was walking through the weeds and getting the scent on him.

Still, I’ve been bathing Dozer day and night. He just keeps going back for more. And then, lo and behold, last evening, Dozer and Daisy (both giant English mastiffs, by the way) spotted something in the field and ran like mad, then proceeded to “sprounce