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Small Steps for Big Change

You don’t have to be vegan to help the world, but it helps.

One of the hardest parts of going vegan is that everyone else doesn’t magically go vegan with you. Seriously. I am constantly wondering what took me so long to make this change permanent. It was like I suddenly woke up and couldn't unsee the damage I was doing to the world and to myself.

I’m not talking about my health here. I’m talking about my soul. There is nothing more miserable than believing something so strongly and behaving in a way that contradicts that. It is like being at war with yourself. Being vegan has brought me so much peace. I finally feel like my behavior matches my beliefs. I’ve put my morals where my mouth is, so to speak.

But just because I woke up did not mean the rest of the world did too. There’s still a McDonalds on every corner, a meat counter in every market, and almost every family will still celebrate most holidays this year by gathering around and eating the corpse of an animal. At first I thought that if they only knew the facts, they’d change too. They’d HAVE to, just like I did. But they don’t. And then I become the ranting radical who won’t shut up about Veganism.

I’ve been there. Trust me.