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We finally got snow here at Serenity! I’ve been waxing happy over the 40 degree winter temps and how I can go running outdoors several times a week (Cause I’m recently tough enough to run outside in winter, but still too wimpy to do it if it’s less than 35. One day I did it at 27. Didn’t like it. Don’t do stuff I don’t like. ‘Nuff said.) But back to the subject. I was really enjoying the warm winter. And then today, I woke up to the most breathtakingly beautiful snowfall I think I’ve ever seen. It was all light and fluffy, and clinging an inch deep to every branch, every twig, of every tree. Even the power lines look magical. Everything has sprouted a coat of pure white wool.

As we walked the dogs this morning, I just couldn’t get over it. Every direction, a different, fairyland-like view. The wind was blowing cold into my face, and I was bundled head to toe. And yet I was loving it. I had to run back inside for the camera to capture it all.

The dogs loved it even more. They went crazy over the snow, especially Niblet, my little snowbunny. She couldn’t get enough, and kept pushing her nose through the fluff like a doggy-snowplow.