• Maggie Shayne

Spiritual Lessons of Hamilton

Repeat after me. All is well, and all is well, and all is well. Take a nice deep breath and open your mind to the possibility that everything is exactly the way it is. And be okay with it. Parts of it are actually very good. Most of it is good. Take another deep breath, and maybe one more. All is well.

We have to be okay with what is, because it is as it is.

In our lives, the longest, hardest times are what we call our Dark Nights of the Soul. They are a universal part of the human experience. You can’t avoid them and you can’t protect anyone else from them.

As soon as we do turn toward the solution, the answer, the better way, we reconnect with Higher Selves, who’ve been there waiting and those channels we’d been blocking are cleared, and we and tap into the power of the Whole Universe. That’s the power of God, of Goddess, of Creation, of Source, of Consciousness itself. It’s the power of magic, if you will. As soon as we attune ourselves to the energy of that which we desire, it shimmers into our physical reality. And we tune it in by imagining how we will feel when we have it and focusing on things that elicit that same feeling in us. That’s how you tune. And a meditation practice is how you maintain that open flow.

Micro vs. Macro

I’ll get to the Hamilton connection in a second, I promise. This first, though. What’s happening in our world right now is a Dark Night of the Soul on a global scale.

Everything has a non-physical counterpart, an Inner Being, a Higher Self. Everything physical begins as non-physical. It cannot be otherwise. Thoughts become things. Things do not become thoughts. They do not uncreate themselves and become ideas again. They inspire new ideas, though, and then those thoughts become things.

Right now humans, at least a large portion of them, are experiencing contrast. The Dark Night that inspires a yearning for the dawn of something new. The old way has already died. People as a whole just haven’t accepted it yet. And those who fear change and those who fight change accelerate it.

Let me repeat that. Those who fight change, accelerate change.

Remember this bit of wisdom we’ve picked up along the paths of our human experience. Saying, “Yes, I want ice cream,” aligns me to the vibration of ice cream.

Saying, “Ice cream will kill me! Keep it away, I’m allergic!” also aligns me to the vibration of ice cream.

Either example brings ice cream or other things that match my feelings about ice cream, into my life.

It’s the attention to the thing that invites it into our experience. Whether we’re looking at it in fear, hate, and revulsion, or in joy, love, and peace, we are looking at it. It’s the looking at it part that aligns our energy.

So pushing against anything is making it bigger. THAT IS NOT A BAD THING.

In order for change to happen, the balance has to shift toward accepting and even embracing the inevitable change that is upon us. As a rule, humans fear change. As a rule, we fear it so much we flat out refuse to accept change until the current conditions become unbearable. Most of us will not jump out the burning skyscraper’s window until our hair is on fire. It’s human nature.

Sometimes, for a large segment of humanity, the current conditions must become unbearable to move them out of the status quo and into the future. And as soon as enough make that shift, the great and inevitable and worldwide change must occur.

Those pushing against this current sea-change are speeding it up. The further they stretch that rubber band the farther it will fling them when they finally let go. Furthermore, they have come into this lifetime with the understanding that this would be their role, because somebody has to play Aaron Burr.

The Hamilton Connection

But the Universe was just setting the stage for the story he had come to be a part of. Without the series of disasters, would his community have taken up a collection to book him passage to New York? Would he have ever met his fellow revolutionaries? Would he have worked at George Washington’s side, or led the forces that arguably won the Revolutionary War? Would there even BE a US Constitution to fall back on to save our asses today? Would there even be a USA at all?

Our form of Democracy was created then and there, and it has spread around the world. It’s an idea that has spread, because above all else, humans love freedom. And when they feel their freedom is being denied them, they go kind of batshit.

That was a great big, world-altering change. Changes like that involve many volunteers playing many roles. And I don’t think it was anywhere near the scope of the evolution we are going through right now, today. Well of course it wasn’t. Expansion. Everywhere, always, expansion.

Every Disaster's a Seed

The disasters and tragedies of Hamilton’s youth were some of the many seeds that grew into a new form of government unto the world. And today, the tree that grew from those seeds is still growing. As its citizens discover the flaws in the systems we have created for ourselves we, as a whole, work to polish away those flaws.

We the People evolve in our understanding. It happens by leaps and bounds as each generation builds from the platform of the one before, taking us ever higher, ever broader, ever improving, expanding, evolving. And as that happens, we discover new flaws in our systems and we, as a whole, work to polish away those flaws.

Some generations have to focus on a some of these flaws a lot longer to make it grow more noticeable, to inspire more of their peers to see the flaw too. When enough do, the balance shifts, and the flaw is polished into a shimmering new facet of our society.

And so on it goes, and on it goes. Future generations will be outraged and horrified at some of the things we consider evolved and enlightened today. Trust me, they will. Eating meat? Boiling lobsters alive? Circumcising newborns without any pain killer? Cropping the ears and tails of our “best friends?” We have some effed-up customs, my peeps.

What to Do?