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It’s been a long winter, and while it was mild a lot, and brutal a little, it always seems to get awfully heavy around this time of year.

And then it happens. Just when it seems darkest, just when 3 feet of snow have fallen and the past few days have been the coldest of the entire season and we start to wonder if it will ever end, it happens. Spring arrives. And the heavy darkness of winter fades. In a few weeks it will be a distant memory.

What's really happening?


Spring is childhood

She’s the innocent maiden, adventurous, unburdened, full of hope for the future. She is perfection, not a scar, not a wound, not a wrinkle. She’s fearless, has no concept of mortality or the notion of impossible.

Summer is adulthood

She’s the phase of building a life and sinking your roots into it. Marriage, children, career, home, community. We work hard during this phase, and tend to be very focused on making things happen through our action. It’s an important time to remind ourselves that it’s what’s going on inside that is creating our abundance, not what we’re doing, but what we are, at our deepest levels of belief, expectation, habit of thought. It’s a learning, growing, building, expanding time.

But then, so are they all.

Fall is the phase of the empowered female

Others call this phase the warrior or warrior/seductress.


We’re comfortable in our bodies, confident in our value, and that makes us dead sexy, if you ask me.

We shift our focus in the fall, from outward, to inward.

Winter is the crone

She’s brimming with wisdom, silent and calm as winter snow. Knowing. Completely peaceful. The crone is face to face with the end of her cycle, hers and the three who came before her. Maiden, Mother, Empowered One. Crone is winter. Crone’s evolution is to cross that most mysterious of thresholds, to walk into death.

And as she steps through the dark mirror of winter, she emerges in absolute wonder, materializing in daisies and apple blossoms and clover-green garlands, she emerges into spring again, reborn, remade, renewed, and realizes there was no pause in between.

She is again the maiden, young again, without a wound or a scar, fearless and all full of hope for the future.

Spring is here!

Monday, March 20th, 6:29 am eastern time, is the Vernal Equinox. The day when the length of daytime is precisely the same as the length of nighttime, and the seasons hang in perfect balance between the one and the next for the breadth of a heartbeat, a breath, a whisper. A curtain.


The message of Ostara

This is powerful energy. Here’s the message it’s bringing to us, my woman-tribe, my sisters, creatrixes,  goddesses. No matter how bad that thing you were facing, that thing you’ve been fighting with all winter long, was; no matter how hard your life and business have become, it’s all just an illusion. A dark beaded curtain. Stop looking at it as if its depth is infinite, and see what’s on the other side instead. Step through the curtain so you can see it’s just a curtain. Face whatever it is, fix it if you can, let it go if you can’t, and step through the curtain.

Because it’s SPRING on the other side.

Everything is brand new, beginning right now

This is the time to look at the areas where we’ve been struggling, and let go of that struggle. Whatever we’ve been trying to force to work, just let it go. That can mean dropping some plans, systems, associates, approaches, and so on. It can mean making drastic changes to the way we’ve been approaching our work and our businesses, and even our lives.

This is the time to really analyze where we want to go now. Maybe the goals we’ve had for a while aren’t our true goals anymore. We’ve grown and changed since we set those oldest goals. Maybe it’s time to take a fresh, clear eyed look at them from our now perspective.

Don't force, allow

The things that we try in our business because they sound like fun, the things we do because we enjoy them, those are the surest paths to success. Abraham-Hicks are saying all the time that our emotions are our inner GPS system. When we’re feeling joy, bliss, appreciation, pleasure, that’s our GPS talking to us. It’s saying, YES, this way! Keep going this way. 

So think about the things you’ve tried in the past year that were fun. Those are pretty much the only things you want to keep. And then take the second step, the hardest step, the walk-through-that-scary-curtain step: Let go of any un-fun things that you’re still holding onto. Stop trying to force things that haven’t been working. It will never work. Don’t try to win the struggle, release the struggle. Turn and walk away from it.

Now fill the void with NEW

Now turn your attention forward, past that dark scary curtain. You’ve stepped through it. You’re done with that. Open your eyes, and see everything in springtime technicolor, just like Dorothy when she opens that creaky screen door and gets her first glimpse of Over the Rainbow.


Apply this process to every part of your business

Moving forward into the new growth of springtime, examine every job that comes to you, every task you’re about to tackle from this newborn perspective. Is it fun? Or is it hard?

Apply this to everything. The story you’re writing, the people you’re working with, the advertising approach you’ve been using, the services and systems you have to deal with every day. The hard ones have to go so new, fun things have room to grow. And the fun things you already have in place need to be recognized and basked in a little bit.

It's so awesome I get to call this work!

The things that we love doing in our businesses are things that we should bask in. If it’s fun, then we should make an effort to really have fun when we’re doing it. Appreciate how lucky we are to get to do this thing we enjoy so much, and call it work. Acknowledge that this is a thing we’d do for free.

What if I don't love a thing about my biz?

If you can’t find any of those kinds of things about the business you’re in, then you’re in the wrong business. We each have to find our bliss and then follow it. This is how we find our calling. By following that inner GPS, our feelings. By listening to them tell us, yes, this way, or make the next legal u-turn.

Use the equinox energy

Making this transition, through the dark curtain of our own struggles, into the springtime of new growth, rebirth, and fertility is a sacred transition. It’s a message too, death is just like stepping from winter into spring.  It’s just walking through a curtain into more life.

Welcome Spring

I’m so ready to walk through the illusion of darkness into springtime again, to step once more into the realm of fairies and elves, land of sunshine and unicorns, where magic is real (it is) and pots of gold await at the end of every rainbow (they do.)

May your rebirth be blissful.

Now watch the video again because it feels so good!

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