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It’s here, it’s here! The Vernal Equinox was yesterday. Today is the first full day of spring. Daytime and nighttime are equal, and from now on every single day will be a little bit longer, and every night will be a little bit shorter, until the longest day of them all, the Summer Solstice.

To many this holiday is called after its old Celtic name, Ostara. To others, it has been adapted into Easter. And to those of us who live in the snowy northeastern US, it’s simply spelled R-E-L-I-E-F.

When everyone wants to know is, what is the spiritual significance of the Vernal Equinox?

Whatever you think it is

I can only speak from my own perspective. So you tell me what it means to you, and I’ll tell you what it means to me. Deal?

No, seriously. What you feel about this time of year is what makes it significant to you. People in the southern hemisphere are celebrating the Autumnal Equinox right now. For them it’s turning into Fall. People in places that don’t have severe winters are feeling very differently than people who’ve spent the past 3 months under thick blankets of snow.

The generally accepted energies of the equinox are rebirth, fresh starts, new beginnings, balance, and fertility (all those bunnies!) It’s a time to launch projects. It’s the end of hibernation, the time to emerge into nature again.

My end of winter shift

(Sidebar: That headline almost said, “My end of winter shit” which would have been equally accurate.)

Ostara Moonrise, 2019

As winter entered its death throes, I wasn’t as fine as I thought I was. I was starting to feel less than buoyant. I had a couple of injuries and was gimping around like an old person. (Old is a mental state, not a physical one.) So I knew I was off.

But then we had sunshine and 60s. I got outside, and my mood lifted. And as my mood lifted, wonderful things started falling into my path again like they’re supposed to.

One of those things was so new and exciting (and I can’t talk about it yet, dammit) that it lifted me even more. My injuries vanished. The more I explored this possible new direction, the higher my vibration rose. As we moved forward into the first steps of making this new idea a reality, I swear I felt ten years younger. There was a spring in my step. I was smiling and singing all the time. My winter blues were obliterated.

Spring is...

Spring matches that buoyant energy. Spring is new beginnings. Planting new seeds. Nurturing new growth. Starting over.

Everything has been frozen clean by the winter, and now the snows are melting, and the earth is waking from her nap. It’s muddy and it’s messy. Birth is always messy. Embrace the mess. All that moist muddy ground could support more new life than we can possibly plant, but we’ll do our best. 🙂

Spring is pure potential.

Any direction we want to go is possible, and our first steps are quite crucial. But we don’t need to go carefully. We can race ahead in perfect love and perfect trust. We need fear nothing.

There are no wrong decisions. Isn’t that a powerful thing to know? It’s not should I take this job, or should I start this business or should I marry this person? We get to decide and make the decisions we WANT to make, and it will be wonderful and successful as long as we line up our energy with wonder and success.

The only mistakes would be choosing to look for problems, choosing to let fear and uncertainty paralyze us into taking no step at all, or taking one and then second-guessing ourselves in case it was “the wrong” one. It can’t be wrong. Just get aligned, and choose what feels best, and keep doing it for as long as it feels best, and change course when it stops feeling best.

Life can be so easy if we let it.

A Spring Ritual

What you’ll need.

  1.  A list of your most important wishes.

  2. Same number of paper cups as wishes.

  3. Seeds of any sort you choose.

  4. Nice rich black soil or potting soil.

  5. As many nifty crystals as you have wishes.

  6. A pitcher of pure clean spring or well-water. (Not chlorinated.)


  1. Fill each cup with soil.

  2. Put the seeds on your workspace.

  3. Put a crystal or gemstone beside each seed.


Ostara Sunset 2019

Meditate for a few minutes to get your mind into alpha state.

When you feel ready take the first seed and crystal and hold them in your hand. Imagine one of your wishes in your mind just as clearly as you can. Feel the emotions you will feel when it has manifested. Let it all play out in your mind’s eye. Really explore this. As the vision wanes, plant the crystal deep, and the seed shallowly.

Take a few deep breaths. Repeat for each wish, crystal and seed.

When you’ve finished with all the seeds and wishes, hold the water pitcher between your palms and beam love into it. Thank it for its help with your rite. Sing to it. Love it. Science has shown that water changes its structure in reaction to the emotions we express to it. So express love and growth and abundance. Then water each of your seeds. Drink some of the water yourself. Pour the rest on the ground outside.

Now watch your dreams begin to grow!

Happy Spring!

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