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Spring: Proof of Life

Ah, Spring. There's no other time quite like it. And because we are parts of the Earth, just like the grass and the trees are parts of Her, our physical bodies cannot help but experience the same changes that the planet is experiencing. This is fact, not fancy. We react to the seasons physically. Our hair comes in thicker in winter. Our body begins storing fat even still, because human DNA changes due to experience over time, and our ancestors spent long, hungry winters in many parts of the world. So we still experience those physical changes. Those are not questioned. It's not farfetched, then, to presume that we earthlings experience the changing seasons in all other ways as well, in every system and cell of our bodies, in our minds, in our energy levels, in our spirits.

Spring is living proof of life after death. Think deeply on this. If "As above so below, as within so without" is true (and it is) then every pattern we observe on the large scale will also hold true on the small scale. If winter comes and all visible life dies, and then spring comes and all life is restored, then there is no such thing as death the way we see it. There's only a transition, a rest period, a dormant phase, a withdrawal, followed by rebirth, new life.

And the best part is, each time we experience this cycle, we are improved! (Because evolution)

What our bodies are experiencing is much like what the earth is experiencing in the area where we live. And the longer we've lived there, the more in tune we'll be with those local cycles of nature. (But we do adapt quickly.)