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Squeeze More Sauce from Your Awesome


Why We Need This

Because it will make life even better. Remember, where our focus goes, our reality grows. If we’ve been applying the principles I teach for a while, we’re probably getting pretty good about shifting our attention toward what’s going right when everything seems to be going wrong.  But it’s hard to focus on good things when life is not so good.

However, when something wonderful happens, everything in us rises to the level of wonderful. This is the best possible time to focus on everything else that’s wonderful in life. It won’t even take much effort, because we’re already feeling so good. What better time to make everything in our lives grow more fantastic by focusing on what’s already good about it?

How to Squeeze More Sauce from your Awesome

  1. Make it your topic of the day/week/month. Post about it, blog about it, tweet about it. Rave in every conversation, phone call and email. When something wonderful happens, celebrate it beyond all reason. Don’t be shy or humble. Your joy will create joy in others. I got an email this morning from a friend who said she was doing backflips around her living room, at the news her story would be published alongside stories by some of her writing heroes. The energy that came through her note was  pure positivity juice, and it sent a matching thrill right through me. It’s a gift to your friends to share that kind of thrill. It lifts their vibration too. (You know, unless they’re so disconnected that they choose to feel jealous instead, which is not your problem. Jealous friends should probably be a future blog post topic. Pardon me while I jot that down.)

  2. Take notice of other things in your life that are going super well too. You’ll find lots of them if you take a look around. You can’t fail to, because like attracts like. So chances are very good that other areas of your life are sparkling too. So spend a few minutes each morning noticing those other areas and allowing appreciation for them to flow through you and gratitude to flow from you.

  3. Ponder what might’ve led to this. Think about where your attention has been lately, before the wonderful thing happened. It might help you identify patterns you can repeat in the future to instigate huge leaps like this. Where has your attention been? Who have you been spending time with? What have you been spending time doing? And what sorts of feelings did each of those things create in you? Make notes somewhere you’ll see them often.

  4. Shine some of this light into dark areas. *Do this step only if you can do it without stopping your wonderful momentum. If looking at things that are still challenging you brings you any discomfort, don’t do it. However, if you can manage to keep your vibration high, think briefly about how this wave of positivity washing into your life might improve some stubborn problem area, then do so. The key here is to imagine possible solutions to those challenges, not the problems themselves. Your problem solving energy is shining brightly during times like these.

  5. Write down every idea that comes! This is a moment in time when your connection to your higher self is at its purest. So listen to those new ideas and inspiration that flow in to you during this time. It’s an excellent time to re-commit to a meditation practice, because meditation encourages an even greater flow of ideas.

  6. Take Action! This is the best possible time to launch new projects and put new ideas into production. Don’t wait. Jump in with both feet.

The Potential Results are Limitless

By focusing on the good stuff, we are adjusting our inner radio dial to the station that plays more good stuff. We’re attuning our vibration to match the vibration of wonderful. When that good stuff starts coming, and we max it out, it’s like plugging our inner radio into a set of concert speakers. When we squeeze more sauce from our awesome, we become great big flashing noisy beacons, calling more awesome to us.

Why not give this practice a try, and see what happens?

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