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Stress Free Life, Part 2: The Physical

If you really want to learn how to live a stress free life, read this series of blog posts and put as many of the tips into practice as you can. Try it for six months. Try it for three. I guarantee, you will see improvement. So now we’re on to Post #2 of my series on Living a Stress Free Life. Since I know you are all expecting me to begin with talk about meditation, positive thinking and ritual, I thought I’d hit you out of left field and begin by talking about our diets.

What we put into our bodies can have a powerful impact on our moods. We already know that things like lots of sugar, salt and caffeine can increase our stress levels. So it stands to reason that there are foods that can lower them, right?

Of course it’s right. Food is medicine. It’s the only medicine we ought to need. Eating right can keep us healthy so we don’t need to rely on the other kinds of meds. So what foods actually reduce stress?

Complex carbohydrates (all carbs actually) stimulate the release of s