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Sunday Night’s Meditation

Here’s what I got during a deep meditation this past Sunday night. Violence, war, genocide, torture, all forms of cruelty and ugliness are the physical manifestations of pain. Pain creates fear (fear of more pain, fear of worse pain.) And fear creates hatred. Everything non-physical has a physical equivalent, including (especially) emotions. The physical forms of pain, hate and fear, are violence and cruelty. They are created by all of us whenever we express hatred or act out of fear rather than out of love.

But look around you. Our physical world is overflowing with beauty. Rivers and lakes, forests and mountains, puppies and babies, romantic love and passion, laughing children, rainbows and waterfalls, the moon and the stars and the soft summer grass and all the wildflowers. Every beautiful thing, everything that takes our breath away, all of those are the physical manifestations of love. They are love in all its myriad varieties, joy and appreciation and gratitude and peace and serenity and excitement and giddiness and delight and deliciousness. All these things in solid form are the beauty that surrounds us, created by us whenever we express love. The solution to all of society’s woes, oh momentary leaders of human kind, and every person reading this post, is Love. And there is a lot more love than there is hate. We see a lot more beauty than ugliness in our world. That’s proof that love is bigger than hate. Love is the answer. It’s the only one we ever needed.

If we, each of us individually, want to help the world’s situation improve, we can do so by loving more. We can become beings of love, who make every decision based on love, and spend every moment of our lives in joy and appreciation, love’s offspring. This kind of love spreads faster than chicken pox at a slumber party. And when it spreads into the places where there is hatred, into hearts where there is hatred, it will expand and spread and crowd the hatred out. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of the pure light of love. And then there will come another challenge for us to solve. Because this is life, the ongoing expansion and evolution of Consciousness. We don’t create the solutions until we experience the problems. It’s this endless spiral of darkness and light, challenge and victory, that are the very stuff of life. An endless spiral.

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