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Ten Things I Love About . . . Technology

Continuing with Part 2 of my Ten Things I Love About… blog series. This one is going to be on technology. With all of the gloom & doom talk in my industry (the sky is falling because of Kindle) I thought this one a great topic. I could do ten things to love just about ebooks, I think, so I’m reserving the right to go beyond 10 in this post. 😉

1. Imagine all the trees that are being saved, as more and more people read their books electronically. With the chainsaws running daily in the forest behind my house, I’m more acutely grateful for ebooks than ever before.

3. Having heard a snippet of a song on an insurance commercial, and having fallen in love with said song, I was able to, within less than a minute, run a google search under “trouble dog song” and locate the title, artist, and album. In another thirty seconds, I’d bought the song for my iTunes. The song, by the way, Trouble, by Ray LaMontagna

4. A friend just told me that her son’s company has a new TV show debuting this weekend, and asked us all to tune in to DIRTY MONEY on A&E this Saturday. It’s part Hoarders, part Antiques Road Show, she says. Before even moving on to the next email in my queue, I picked up my remote, searched the listings, and set my DVR to tune in and record the show. Took less than a minute.

5. Flying home from Tampa, where I’d done a writing workshop and a booksigning, I left the fantastic book I’d bought on the first flight while stopping for a layover at JFK. I realized it before the plane had been moved, and asked an airline employee to check, but someone had already taken it. I was so in love with this book and so disappointed. I’d been reading it most of the way home, and wanted to continue. So I headed into the airport bookstore, but they didn’t have it. So I was sitting at my gate, waiting for my flight, when I realized there was still hope. Pulled out my iPad, and found the book on Kindle. Click, click, and I was reading right where I’d left off. Oh, by the way the book was a non-fiction piece positing the theory that Ancient Sumer has alien connections. Fascinating! It’s There Were Giants

6. It’s so much easier to stay in touch with family and friends, to locate old friends with whom you’ve lost touch, or for them to locate you, through the social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace.

7. I can know the weather forecast for the next several hours or several days, at the touch of my TV remote, cell phone, or computer.

8. I can push a button in my car and know how many more miles I can go without before I need gas, and how many miles per gallon I’m getting.

9. It’s impossible to get lost, or have to ask for directions when we have ready access to or a GPS in our vehicles. Tom-Tom

10. I can program my thermostat to save fuel and keep my house just as warm or cool as I like.

11. My remote car starter and satellite radio. And heated seats. Are heated car seats not the best thing ever invented? They seem like it on cold w

12. I love how in touch I am able to be with my readers, through emails, this blog, social networks, Twitter. It’s never been so easy to have a meaningful back and forth dialogue with the people who read my books!

13. There are lots more ways modern technology impacts my life for the better, and lots of ways that it’s good for the planet. And it will keep getting better as we hone our preferences, toss out the bad, and build on the good. Advances in medicine, in nutrition, in mental health, in spiritual understanding, in environmental harmonics, will keep making life better and better. Technology is nothing to fear.

14. Finally, I love, love, love, being able to publish my old backlist books electronically for readers to enjoy. Who knows, maybe I’ll publish new books that way soon, too! (Links below.)

So that’s my positive things for this week.

If you are having problems dealing with any topic, and you can just manage to sit down and think hard, or even spend a few days looking for things, and then sit down, and write ten positive things about that topic, you’ll move toward peace on the subject. And that can change everything for you. Try it! Next week maybe I’ll try 10 Things I Love About Business Travel, since I have to go to RWA at month’s end, and I so hate leaving home. It would be a great topic for me to get very positive on, very fast, wouldn’t it? 😉

Here are those links I promised. Please feel free to share your favorite formats on all your networking sites. And you may use the cover art freely if you wish. Thanks in advance!

Maggie’s Ebooks at Smashwords (all formats)


Maggie’s Kindle Books in right column!

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