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Ten Things I Love About . . . Where I Live!

This is part of a new series of blog posts that I hope will inspire you. Because when you take time out of your day to give some thought to the things you really love and enjoy and appreciate about your life, it changes your life. And I don’t mean “appreciate” as in, “Thanks for that.” I mean appreciate as in . . . the way you stop and lose your breath when you see a rainbow, and feel a rush of joy in its beauty. That kind of appreciation. Things you really really can bask in. So I’m going to post a series of blogs, talking about what I love about various aspects of my life, and I hope my followers will take a moment to do likewise, in their comments. Because when you spend time looking for things to be happy about, you end up getting more things to be happy about, and I want you all to be as happy as I am, because, damn. 🙂

So here goes. Ten things I love about where I live. (I typed where I love at first–talk about a Freudian slip! Wait, Freud wore a slip? 😉

1. I love that I can walk the dogs in my pink plaid flannel pajamas. This morning was a perfect morning to do so, a bit on the chilly side, in the fifties, not too much dew. There’s little traffic on my road, aside from the occasional tractor. And the farmer already knows I’m…eccentric.

2. I love that the deer come right into the yard. This one was taken from my back porch, without a zoom lens!

3. I love that the town is so small, the mailman knows my dogs by name, brings them treats, and can tell me the percentage of Netflix vs. Blockbuster users.

4. I love the giant maple tree out back. It’s huge and ancient, and it is such a metaphor for life and its cycles. In the winter it looks like a wise old man, but strong and permanent. In the spring, it grows these tasseled blossoms that look like the Soul Tree in Avatar

5. I love stepping out onto the back deck with my first cup of fresh coffee, first thing in the morning morning, and hearing an absolute choir of birds, signing a thousand different songs just for me.

6. I love how often we get rainbows. We have them several times a year. An abundance of rainbows!

8. I love our little woods next to the house. We call it our enchanted forest, or the “1.00 Acre Wood” (Lance says “Hundredth Acre Wood” but it’s more like 2 acres, so neither of us are accurate.) We have paths all through it, and there are bunnies, wild turkeys, deer, a fox, and who knows what else, who live there.

9. I love that people wave when they drive by, or when I drive by them, and it doesn’t matter if I know them or not. They’ve been waving ever since I first moved up here, to the top of this unnamed and it has always made me smile.

10. I love the energy of this place. It just radiates peace. Part of that was already here, before me, both from nature, the nearby creek known to locals as Rocky Bottom, the mountains, the way they form a bowl around us, even though we’re way up high. Womb of the Mother, a friend of mine called it. But the peace here is enhanced and growing all the time, by the combined energy of Lance and I. It’s what we emit, and it is reflected right back at us (as all things we put out, always are) growing ever stronger and deeper.

And so there are Ten Things I Love About where I live. Next time, I’ll post Ten Things I Love About…. something else. 🙂 Meanwhile, tell me some things you love about where you live!


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