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Thanks before eating?

Food and I have a new relationship. It used to be love-hate, but now it’s just love-love. I changed my deepest feelings about food, and that changed everything else. How it happened and how to apply this method to any area where you feel stuck.

The Old

I’ve been a lifelong dieter. Every day of my fifty-nine years, I’ve either been eating what I love and feeling bad about my body, or starving myself and being happier with my form, but feeling bad about depriving myself of things I loved. I have swung between the pendulum’s extremes that many understand all too well in our culture. Giving thanks before eating, then, was more form than substance a lot of the time. I was hardly ever compelled to do so.

The Conflict

We take a bite of delicious food and savor it. Its flavors melt over our tongue and our taste buds come alive.

Meanwhile, our onboard computer brain is doing what it does; crunching data and spitting out results. It has gathered a lifetime of input via social attitudes, news reports, diet gurus, advertisements, and previous experiences. So it’s spitting out things like, “This is terrible for you. Things that taste good are harmful. Sugar is bad. Fat is bad. You will get fat from this. Calories are bad. This is the worst thing you could do.”

This, my fellow humans, this is what’s wrong with our relationship with food. Split energy. Opposing feelings. It’s impossible for the food to be good for us when we allow our brains to convince us to believe the opposite. Because what we believe is what we experience in our lives.

The obvious answer then is to try to change our beliefs about food. And as we’ve discussed here before, we can’t simply delete a belief. We have to overwrite the file.

Belief is everything. So how do we change our beliefs? We expose ourselves to as many new and different thoughts and theories as we can find about the topics where we feel stuck. If we go looking for evidence we always find it. So we look for happier, healthier ways of thinking about whatever our subject is.

This method can be applied to topics like health or money or relationships or aging or whatever your bugaboo is. Go on a quest to find evidence that what you’ve always thought might be wrong. See if you can look at the topic from the point of view of some of your fellow humans. That’s why there are so many of us. All the more to help each other.

If you go into this from an aligned place, a place of joyful exploration, and not a place condemnation of where you have been, you will be so much further ahead. Every moment of our lives has led us to where we now are. It’s all one thing, you see. A journey. It’s our story.

Zucchini Banana Bread –

As you explore new thoughts on old subjects, see if anything you read or see or learn resonates with you as much as, or preferably more than your old beliefs did. If you find something that rings a bell of truth in you, then follow it a little farther. Hone in your focus onto that particular thought about the matter, and find more books and films and studies about that more specific area. Then pursue that train of thought further still.

The Goal

I didn’t set out with the intent to change my beliefs about food at all. Diet has always been one of my tough spots. But I knew if I got really aligned with joy and well being, the answer would just shimmer into my world as so many others have. My only goal for 2021 is to follow my bliss in absolute confidence, taking fearless leaps of faith to follow my heart.

That path led directly to a new way of relating to food that resonated with me far more powerfully than my lifelong beliefs about food do. Now. Today. Those old beliefs served me before, but they don’t fit me anymore.

Overnight, it seemed, my feelings about food had changed. But it wasn’t overnight. It was the fitting in of a perfect missing piece created by all my desires around the subject throughout my life. It has been right there waiting for me to grow into it. To match its vibration. This was HUGE for me.

The New

Now, I’m at peace with food. I found answers that were perfect for me, and you can read about the details on that elsewhere if you are interested. I’ll put links at the bottom.

Now, when I eat, there is no conflict. I have changed my beliefs about food, and as soon as I did that, my reality changed to match them. I stepped into a life where every single thing I put into my body is good for me. My new experience is one where I am a budding chef, excited about food, and cooking, and creating recipes. I am eating all I want of everything I want and my body is reshaping itself to match who I now am. I am no longer measuring my food. Or counting my food. I am instead relishing my food. I’m eating rich, hearty stews and sweet treats and every bit of it is nourishing me, healing and rebalancing my body. I am so happy about this!

Nothing in my brain is countermanding me on these things or throwing up doubts. In fact, this, to my brain computer, does compute. It makes perfect sense that this should be good for me. My heart and my brain are in harmony, and that’s a state of powerful creation.

Now, I feel deeply appreciative of my food. Now, giving thanks for the plants and grains that provide my sustenance feels like a natural and constant state of being for me, and acknowledging that before meals is genuine and true.

What I want to eat has changed profoundly. And it’s not just me saying that. The idea of eating the way I used to is unthinkable to me from where I now am. This shift happened quickly and completely.

This was a sudden leap forward, as I predicted was coming when the rabbit stood at my back door not long ago.

This is a manifestation that is bringing me heaps of bliss and joy and feelings of empowerment regarding my health and my planet and my longevity. I feel I am having a positive impact on things I felt powerless about before. The change in our food choices is a giant leap for my hubs and I, and yet it felt like the next logical step. Just a natural progression. Our vibrations have changed, and this lifestyle is what we now match.

Apply to All Subjects

Hearty stew recipe at

Who knows? Maybe I can work through all my hangups this way. Then again, different challenges seem to require different solutions, don’t they? It’s as if a lifetime is a multi-dimensional treasure hunt, where we find one treasure chest only to discover another map buried in the booty it holds. And off we go again. It’s the journey that’s the fun part. Otherwise, we’d stop when we found that first treasure. It’s following the clues, solving the riddles, working past the obstacles, and following our own inner voices that’s the fun part. It’s knowing we can move ourselves into anything we want to be from where we are.

I am convinced that it’s true: The more we follow our bliss, the happier our lives become.

For more information about the lifestyle change I’m referring to, see below.

Check out the brand new foodie blog where I partner with my youngest daughter to share our journey into a plant-based lifestyle. We’re sharing the recipes, the shopping lists, the revelations, the changes — all of it. Join us.

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