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The Beautiful People

So last week we began the all important discussion about money. You can see the post about how your attention can make all the difference here: Watering Your Money Garden This week, we begin our talk about the ways we can block our own abundance by beliefs we may not even know we have. The first of these is this; I’m not one of those people.

And by “those people” we mean the ones who live in mansions. The ones with private jets. The ones with designer clothes. The ones who drive high end sports cars, Ferraris or Porsches. We sometimes even mean, the ones with nice homes, or household help, nannies or housekeepers or a lawn crew, and who drive nice cars like Mercedes or Audis or Lexuses…Lexuss…Lexi? We sometimes even mean the ones who get their hair done at a fancy salon instead of the local Cut & Curl. The ones who get massages regularly. The ones who go on a cruise or two every single year. We sometimes even mean the ones who have it just a notch or two better than we do. But the truth of the matter is, those people are no different from us. Not one bit. I know, I know, I hear the arguments. “But, Maggie! They are the beautiful people. Things always go easier on beautiful people.” Um, all of us are beautiful. Beauty comes from how we see ourselves, not how others see us. Let’s just look at how beautiful the beautiful people are. *More here: and here:

Not everyone starts life matching today’s standards of beauty.

It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it.

We all look normal until we decide to treat ourselves as if we’re supernatural. Okay then, we think. Maybe I could be considered one of the beautiful people too if I decided I wanted to be. (Yes, you can.) But those people are smarter than me!

Really? Look, no one is smarter than you. We’re all born with a brain, which is the advanced computer there is. Anything we need to know, we can learn. I taught myself everything about my business without spending a day in college. And that was before the Internet. Today, there’s no excuse not to be well informed about any topic that interests you. Okay, so “those people” aren’t where they are because they’re smarter or better looking than you. Could it be that they are more talented? Maybe you have to be super gifted to become successful!

Um…. No. What about luck? Some of you might be thinking that it’s just luck that makes some people more successful than others.

The truth is there’s no such thing as luck. The Universe is responding to the vibration you are offering at all times. No exceptions. If you’re having a run of “bad luck” that just means you need to adjust your signal, fine tune your dial, focus on what you want instead of what you don’t, and stop telling everyone how unlucky you are. HERE’S THE THING…. “All humans are 99.9 per cent identical” ~The Telegraph Here’s an even bigger thing. You are Divine energy pouring itself into a physical form for the purpose of experience life as You. We all are exactly that. We can be anything, as wealthy or poor, as healthy or ill, as talented, as beautiful, as successful as we choose to be. But it all begins with our beliefs.

You can begin to remove your blocks by rethinking the way you see yourself. Your assignment is to consistently remind yourself that you are 99.9% the same as every person you admire and emulate. Every person living the kind of life you want to live yourself. Oh, yes, you ARE one of Those People. Now that you know it, there’s no more excuse not to start being exactly who you want to be.

Begin to digest this a little bit. Hear yourself when you say self limiting things. Stop believing that there’s something about you that is less than anyone else, even the rich and famous. You are capable of anything and everything you desire. Otherwise, you wouldn’t desire it. Try to shift yourself into this way of thinking. Just try it. When you admire someone who is thriving in your field, say, “I’m as good as she is. Maybe even better. There’s absolutely no reason I can’t enjoy the same kind of success!”

And every time another person makes it to where you wish you were—celebrate it! It’s just another example of proof that it’s possible. And that brings you another step closer.

Next week we’ll talk about another block to abundance and success: Guilt.

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