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The Care and Feeding of Spirit-For Writers!

Do you ever think about your higher self? That part of you that is bigger than this small bit that fits into this tiny body? The Whole of you? I do, I think about it a lot. One of the things I wonder about most is why? Why did something as big and vast and powerful as Spirit, decide to send itself forth into a physical container (body) anyway? It has to be because Spirit wanted to experience being physical. But why?

As I pondered on this question during meditation I received an answer that has become a regular one. Almost all my answers begin this way. In my head, my Higher Self whispered, “It’s all mirror. Look at the mirror to find your answer.”

Okay, it’s a mirror. What can I look at that’s like Spirit creating a physical form for itself? And I realized, it’s mirrored by me, when I create something. What I create most often are stories. And so I asked myself why? What is it that compels me to fill pages upon pages with fictional characters living our fictional lives in worlds that exist inside my imagination?

It’s for the fun of it. It’s for the same reason people read those stories. The same reason people watch movies and TV shows. To experience life through the characters, to live their adventures with them, to take the thrill ride. Why? Because it’s fun, it’s exciting.

So I thought okay, if it’s all a mirror (and it is) then Spirit creates worlds and characters to fill them for the fun of experiencing life through them. I also expect my creations to return to me the energy that I give to them by creating them. I expect them to bring me love energy, from all those who love the stories I create–which feeds my soul, and also, feeds my family in the form of the dollars that result.

So what does Spirit, our Higher Self, expect us to give back to It? The answer came to me very clearly. Spirit needs the experiences we have in life. These experiences are what feed It. When we have adventures in this physical world, Spirit thrives on them. When we experience love, (giving or receiving it makes no difference, love is love) Spirit grows stronger. When we experience joy, excitement, delight, bliss, pleasure of any form, Spirit beams brighter with it. The more we feed Spirit with these things, the brighter and stronger it becomes.

We are both creators, my Higher Self and I. So the more I feed my Higher Self with pleasure, the more my Higher Self is able to beam pleasure back down to me, and the more It’s able to help me breathe life into more of my creations. (And my creations include every one of my desires, my wishes, hopes and dreams.

When someone lives a life of misery, they are feeding their Higher Self experiences that are miserable. The Higher Self can then only beam down on them more miserableness. It breathes life into their fears, hopelessness and despair.

This is the meaning of the Lemniscate symbol, the symbol for infinity. Energy is constantly flowing from us to our Higher Self, and from our Higher Self to us. What we feed to our Source becomes empowered and is poured back down to us.

So now, let’s take this down a level to the relationship between us and our creations. For me, that’s my books. They too, can only feed back to me, what I give to them as I create them. If my work is something I have to do, but wish I didn’t, if it seems like a chore, if I feel resentful and am unhappy while I’m doing it, then my creations can only bring me feelings that match those. And misery fills the pipeline.

But if I fill my work with love, if I stop working it into being and instead, love it into being, if I thrill with giddy joy every time I sit down to write, and pull out all the stops and and truly just flow my very best energy into the stories, then my creations have to flow the same back up to me.

Now let’s expand this one more level. The relationship between my Higher Self, (that which created me) and my stories (that which I create.) If I am feeding my higher self with the very deliciousness of my life, and if I am creating things with that same sense of deliciousness, then the things I create feed me with that same energy. I become the middle part of the Lemniscate symbol. The energy of my creations flows through me, to my Creator, and the energy of my Creator flows through me to my creations. We all feed each other with deliciousness and with love.

This applies to so much more, I realized, than the stories I create. It applies to the home I create, the relationships I create, the body I create for myself, every hobby from my aquarium to my bird watching, every task from cleaning the bathroom to weeding the garden, everything I do in every moment of my life is all part of my creation. And so is everything you do a part of yours.

If we can approach everything from a place of absolute love and absolute joy, if we can find fun in even the most unpleasant tasks, then everything we do will be blessed. And the more pleasure, the more fun, the more love and joy and laughter we can fill our lives with, the stronger our Spirit beams. One could expand on this meditation much much further. Since my Higher Self has a Higher Self too, One that is the sum total of all our Higher Selves, (and all the Higher Selves of all that exists,) and that One has a Higher Self as well, and that goes on ad infinitum. Each is a creation of the One before it, all the way back to the beginning–if there is a beginning.

We can take it in the other direction, too. It becomes mind boggling when we think about our creations becoming creators, and how that works, and how far one can take that. (It’s also infinite.) Can you wrap your mind around that one? Our creations do create! Novels create readers, fan clubs, merchandise, films, spinoffs, derivative works. They create the authors’ incomes and an entire industry. They feed their readers with joy and pleasure and adventure, and those readers feed their higher selves with that pleasure. And on and on it goes. The love and insatiable hunger of those readers has created a whole new phase of publishing that is turning the industry on its head today (the ebook phenomenon.) Some of those readers are inspired to become writers themselves, and that starts a whole new web of interaction, of giving and receiving. And that’s just the stuff we know about. I wonder what else my creations might be up to, out there in the worlds I created for them? I wonder what yours are up to? Because everything you create is also creating an entire world of things beyond it, and on and on.

I know this is out there, and it’s a lot to take in. But think on it a little. Think about how every single thing you do, every miserable moment and every joyful one, sends out ripples that reach into all three worlds; The Great Above, The Great Below, and Middle Earth, the world in which we live. Look at the illustration to the left as you mull on this. Look at the three worlds, and how each impacts the other, and how each is reflected in the other.

Experiencing all the joy and love you can in this life, is more than just the best thing you can do for you, it’s essential to the well being of the Whole, of all of us, and All That Is.

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