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The Cycles of Nature Within Us; Winter Solstice Series, Post 1

Before I blog about the Winter Solstice, I decided I had to talk about the new science that tells us why the planet’s seasonal cycles are important to us humans. More so than we may have realized, even if we’ve been following them all our lives.

In the nature religions, we observe the Wheel of the Year which

consists of eight holy days; the Winter and Summer Solstice, the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox, and the points exactly halfway in between each of them. We talk about what the holidays symbolize and how we can observe them and use their energy to make changes of like energy within our own lives.

What we haven’t (perhaps) fully understood is that those cycles aren’t happening outside us. Because…well, as science is slowly figuring out, there’s no such thing as outside us.

Have you ever watched a video clip of a soldier returning home from overseas and surprising his little boy at school? Did you get tears in your eyes? Did your throat tighten up?

This empathy comes from Mirrored Neurons and is being studied and measured by scientists. If a monkey observes another monkey performing an action the same neurons light up in the brain as if the observing monkey was doing the action himself. We have that too. There is a place in the brain that does not distinguish at all, between “self” and “other.”

We also have a big bundle of nerves called the Vagus Nerve that causes all those physical sensations we feel at the sight of such things. The tightening of the throat. The tears springing to the eyes. The expanding of the chest and the little knot in the tummy. Our bodies flood with endorphins. We feel elation.

We are designed to feel this way. It’s in our DNA. It’s good for us to feel this way. When we’re feeling empathy, every system in our body is operating in top form. (When we feel angry, upset, afraid, we get stupid. We don’t think clearly, nothing functions at its peak.)

Scientists, by and large, now believe what every spiritual tradition since the beginning of time has taught. That we are all connected on some deep, previously unknown level. That we are truly, physically linked to each other. And to everything else alive. (And, my friends, everything is alive.)

New work being done in the field known as Heart Math has discovered that random number generators, machines whose only purpose is to shoot out random numbers, behave oddly whenever a worldwide disaster happens. Immediately after 9/11, all 65 random number generators around the world stopped being random. All over the world, all at the same time, they generated a pattern instead. They did so once again when the big tsunami hit. A pattern emerged. The wave of human emotion impacted and changed the machines’ output. It also changed the earth’s magnetic field, which was likewise detected, measured and recorded at those times.

With each beat, our hearts generate a magnetic field that extends far beyond our bodies. This is not an aura. This is a scientifically measurable field of electromagnetic energy. Put two people together, wire them up so you can see what’s going on in their brains, and you can see one person’s brain detecting and responding to the other person’s heartbeat, which is transmitted to them via that energy field.

In another experiment, two electrodes were placed into a petri dish of yogurt and connected to a meter. A person sitting nearby would speak of something emotionally charged like, “my mother.” Or “my lawyer.” Each time, the meter shot up. The more emotion the person felt about the subject of which he spoke, the higher the spike on the meter. His emotions were physically impacting the living bacteria in the yogurt.

Long ago, Einstein noted that two electrons once in connection with each other, then separated “infinite distances” still responded simultaneously and identically to stimuli. Change the spin of one electron and the other changed at the same time. No delay, no matter how far apart they had been moved. Einstein called this “spooky action at a distance.” Today’s scientists call it quantum entanglement.

Physicist Henry Stapp called this “the most profound discovery in all of physics” because it reinforces the mystical idea that nothing is separate. That everything is connected, everywhere, at all times.

There is this quantum stuff that we cannot see, that permeates all

creation, and is underlying everything that exists. And that stuff, that field, is influenced by our thoughts and emotions. The earth is a part of it, and so are we, and so is everything else.

So, what happens to one, happens to all.

Numerous other experiments showing the connection between our thoughts and emotions, other living organisms, and the Earth’s magnetic field, are being done all the time. For more on this, visit and go find the video I AM by Tom Shadyac on Netflix or Amazon. I’ve found it at both sites.

All of this new science, gives a new layer of understanding to us regarding our observances of the changing seasons, nature’s turning points of the year. Because what’s happening to our world is happening to us, as well. It’s no longer about us tapping into the symbolism of the earth’s seasonal changes. It never was. Those changes are not just being observed by us, they’re happening to us. There is no separation.

The earth’s cycles don’t just mirror our own, they are our own. And our cycles are Hers. There are just bigger and smaller versions of the same cycles repeating, over and over.

As above, so below.

Now that I’ve laid the groundwork, we’ll talk about what’s happening to the Whole at this time of year, and the energy and power of the Winter Solstice, in my next post.

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