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The Element of Fire

In natural magic, there are 5 elements. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Each element has numerous associations. I used to assign my students in the magical arts to spend a week immersing themselves in each of the elements to deepen their understanding. And I'm going to tell you how to do that too with a post devoted each of the elements. This is the second of those posts.

If you missed the lesson on the Element of Air, you can read it here.

Some Fire Associations

In my spiritual practice, Fire's direction is south. It's seen as all things new hot and active, things that are full and are thriving. It is a peak and a triumph.

Its colors are red and orange and when others colors are used, jewel tones that are vivid and rich and bright.

Fire's time of day is midday.

Its season is summer.

Its time of life is the peak of adulthood, when are said to be in our prime.

Its state, passion. It is the ultimate force driving us on toward our goals. It is creative fire and action. It is excitement and eagerness and drive and determination.

The triple goddess is depicted as Maid, Mother, and Cone. But many Witches feel they've missed a stage of womanhood there. The Warrior. The Lover. The passionate one. This, to me, is the essence of the fire goddess to me.

I see her in the Tarot card, The Stars, for this is the major arcana card about knowing where one wants to go and going there. It is the creative fire, inspiration, the impetus to get up and go. Confident, passionate, eager, brave, fearless!

Fire is about the heart, about the gifts we're born with, and the things we're passionate about. It's about mastery and skill. It's about change and victory. It's the realm of action, the home of warriors and titans of every industry.

Stones associated with the element of Fire are the red, orange, black, and volcanic. Stones like onyx and ruby. Obsidian and amber (not a stone, but a resin.) Tiger's eye feels very fiery to me, as does lava, of course, and garnet and red jasper. Diamonds and quartz crystal vibrate to fire as well.

Fire's herbs are strongly scented, like cinnamon and cloves and curry. They are thorny, like hawthorn, prickly ash, thistle. Spicy like dragon's blood and St. John's wort. The scents of midsummer flowers like rose and those with solar associations like sunflowers are also very fiery. Orange and peppermint and mustard and onion are all fiery energies.

The magical tools associated with Fire in my magical practice are a the dagger or "athame, the sword, and the fire candle.

Fire magic transforms one thing into another by the act of burn. "Fire devour and fire create," goes a magical chant I remember from long ago. "So my will becomes my fate." The magic is released with the burning. One might enchant write the spell on a paper and burn it in the cauldron, or even burn a lock of hair, or even a document that represents the thing in need of fire's changing energy.

We can burn herbs, add oils (with great care, as they will flare up.) I have even used flash paper in magic for instant transformation and a little bit of performance drama.

Engraving a candle with magical symbols or words representing the goal and dressing it with oil will release the magic slowly over time as it burns.

A week with Fire

If you'd like to try immersing yourself in the element of Fire for a week, or even just for a day, here are some suggestions.

  • Wear a lot of reds and oranges, lots of jewel tones and bright colors. Accessorize with gold and gold plated things, and red stones and jewelry. High heels are fiery, as are leggings, because of the freedom of movement they provide.

  • Burn a candle every day, maybe multiple times. Be silent and look for patterns in the dancing flame. Choose a spicy or cinnamon scent that reminds you of summertime.

  • Bask in the midday sun every day, if only for a few minutes. Open your arms wide and take and feel the sun on your face and eyelids. Absorb it into you.

  • Eat lots of spicy foods, or as spicy as you can tolerate. Tomatoes and onions and garlic are quite fiery.

  • Let your week of Fire be a week of action, and of following whatever you are passionate about.

  • Pay attention to how you feel and what you observe around you.

  • When you feel heat or warmth or smell fire or smoke, stop what you're doing and experience the energy of fire filling you, revving you up, acknowledging your alignment with its energized, empowered, impassioned, creative energy.

  • Watch for "wins" during your week with fire. Watch for heated emotions too. Be aware they might crop up.

In the near future, we'll discuss the Element of Water.

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