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The Element of Water

In natural magic, there are 5 elements. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Each element has numerous associations. I used to assign my students in the magical arts to spend a week immersing themselves in each of the elements to deepen their understanding. And I'm going to tell you how to do that too with a post devoted each of the elements.

This time we tackle the element of Water.

Some Water Associations

Water's direction is west, the direction of the sunset, and because of that, it's seen as the direction of maturity, fullness, abundance. Harvests and plenty live here.

Its colors are deep blues and blue-greens, teal and turquoise and sometimes gray, and all the jewel tones except the reds. Everything bright, deep, rich with color.

  • Water's time of day is dusk.

  • Its season is autumn.

  • ts time of life is maturity, a transition period from Mother to Crone. The Wise One.

  • Its state, confidence and absolute knowing. She is the calm weilder of compassionate power. She knows her value is infinite. She runs the world, in truth. She is the matriarch.

  • The West has strong ties to the Moon and the energy of Lunar deities.

  • Water elementals are known as Undines.

I see her in the Tarot card, The Empress. Ripe with abundance, a generous provider whose wise word is law. She is the center of her Universe and knows it. When she enters a room, she brings her calm, confident energy with her. In the midst of disaster, she would be the one rallying survivors, leading them in song and prayer, giving them hope and common sense. She is respected and relied upon. She is ultimately capable and she knows it.

Water is about the emotions, the heart, and experience. It's also about change, metamorphosis, evolution, stepping into the fullness of who we are. Menopause occurs during this phase of life. Children leave home and begin homes of their own. The role of the matriarch shifts and all she has learned as maid, warrior, and mother comes with her, helping to shape her into who she was always meant to be. Who she has always been becoming.

This is the stage when we step into our fullness. We become who we've always wanted to be. Who we've spent out lives learning to be. Not instantly, but gradually becoming, as all things do.

Stones associated with the element of Water are blue and blue green stones like blue lace agate and aquamarine and purple like amethyst. Azurite can be bluer than blue. Coral, of course, is of the sea, as are all seashells, pearl, and mother of pearl and all things from the watery realms. And also, things with powerful moon associations, such as moonstone and silver are of reflections of the Water.

Water's herbs are easy to distinguish. They're denser, wetter, grow where it's wet, or have lunar associations. African violet and aloe. Apple and lemon balm for its rich, ripe scent. Chamomile and coconut and cucumber and watermelon--all watery. Sandalwood is given a West association, as are Licacs and lilies, especially water lilies, sacred to many an Eastern Goddess. Spearmint and moonwort and morning glory, too. The magical tools associated with Water in my magical practice are a the chalice and the cauldron, which represent the Womb of the Mother of Creation, the place where spirit becomes form. This is the womb at its fullest, and the act of giving birth to all things. The essence of manifestation is found in this element. It's the harvest. Water is a shapeshifter. It can shapeshift what you have into what you desire. It can shapeshifte thoughts into things.

Water is deeply tied to divination. From the Wiccan Rede, "Where the rippling waters go, cast a stone and truth ye'll know." That means, toss a stone into the waters and gaze at the ripples it makes. Observe the shapes that appear and disappear and what those shapes mean to you. They will bring the answer to your every question. This is a very feeling sort of magic.

Wishing magic is another watery spell. Casting a penny or coin into a well or fountain while making a wish. The coin carries on the ancient tradition of trading with the unseen energies. I give you this thing of value, you give me a my wish.

For modern Witches who seek to harm none, I don't recommend using coins. It makes no sense to put metals that could be deadly to fish and birds and turtles into the water and call it an offering. You are poisoning nature. Your trade would not be accepted as a gift, but perceived as an attack. So instead, offer something of value to both you and to nature. Pour some nourishing, organic mulch onto the ground. Plant vegetation that is compatible with the growth already there. Native Americans would offer tobacco. You could even offer water on a dry day, or bird seed on a regular basis.

Intuition is often associated with Air and the East. Psychism, however, is the deeper, more watery end of intuition. Channeling, reading for yourself or others, trance work, meditation, these are the deep end of the same pool.

A Week with Water

If you'd like to try immersing yourself in the element of Water for a week, or even just for a day, here are some suggestions.

  • Wear a lot of blues, greens and grays, fabrics with a tight weave or shiny ones, silk, satin, oversized jewelry with blue stones or moonstones.

  • Add a watery fragrance oil to a base oil, and anoint your third eye every evening at sunset. Or just anoint with water itself. (Not chlorinated or fluoridated. Fresh, free-running living water.)

  • Watch the sunset every evening if you can. Open your arms wide and take a big inhale as you welcome the evening time.

  • Count the blessings of the day before bed.

  • Eat lots of watery veggies and fruits, and root vegetables and winter squash and grains.

  • Let your week of Water be a week of harvest and of relishing your lush abundance.

  • Pay attention to how you feel, and dwell in your emotions to understand them.

  • When it rains, go out in it and feel it on your face, stop what you're doing and experience the water caressing you in the shower. Acknowledge your alignment with its deep, soothing, cleansing, transformative, abundant energy.

  • Go swimming or soak in a tub.

  • Watch for deep feelings, confidence, and wisdom to come during your week of vibing with Water

  • View the documentary, "Secret of Water." It will blow your mind. (Affiliate link to it on Amazon prime below.)

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