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The Energy of Mabon

Autumn is officially here. But as always, I like to talk about how our own cycles reflect the seasonal ones, and what the changing seasons mean to me on a deeper level. The energy of Mabon and fall is adulthood. Maturity. The fullest level of growth. It’s harvest time. The fruits of our actions are coming to us now. It’s a time for gathering and appreciating all we gather. It’s a time for celebration and a true moment of balance. Not just between light and darkness, but between working, and accepting the rewards of that work. An equal exchange of energy is a powerful thing.

I’m seeing several major projects come to fruition this autumn.

  1. The Bliss Bog Shop will have its grand opening in October. (Exact date coming soon!)

  2. Serenity Koi Farm is about to begin shipping fish to customers. First through the Bliss Blog Shop, perhaps expanding to its own shop later, depending on how things go.

  3. GIRL BLUE, The most important novel I’ve written since launching my own company, releases 10/29.

  4. Home Improvement project we’ve been working toward all year is underway now. (Steel roof is done. Siding is underway. Deck coming up next.)

  5. Biggest of all, the first child of the next generation is about to be born into my family. My firstborn granddaughter Ella, is due to give birth only two weeks from this writing, on October 9th.

A deep lesson on balance

And only just now, I’m content and at ease with them all. There’s no struggle. There’s no worrying that I should complete task A before beginning task B, or that I’m spending too much time on a newer project and not enough on the one that pays the bills.

I didn’t achieve this balance by trying to. It was way more natural than that.

I tried something new

Meditating regularly brings lots of brilliant ideas, and one of them over the summer was this. Do whatever I feel like doing every single minute of every single day, as much as I possibly can. Trust my inner wisdom to know what the best use of my time is today. And just go with what feels best.

This is a great way to align with Source, I’ve found, though that wasn’t my intention. My intention was to stop working all the time and have more fun with my life. Basically, my intention was to feel good.

(Psst! That should always be our core intention.)

Here's what happened...

Then I meditate, and then I feel. I just feel around inside to see what I’m excited about. What I can’t wait to do.

I used to tell myself that exciting new thing would be my reward, for doing some other job, the one I should be doing. Most often, I feel the job I should be doing is writing a novel. The books are how I earn my living, so it always like the most important task.

But I’ll tell you, facing great-grandmotherhood puts a different spin on things. I don’t know, I just got to a place over this beautiful summer where I decided to spend my time doing whatever I want. Nevermind should.

I’m sure you can find a post here where I have advised doing this very thing. But dispensing wisdom from Source doesn’t mean I’m necessarily following its advice. I mean, I try, but you know, it’s hit and miss.

What did I want?

Opening my eyes in the morning, coming awake knowing I get to do whatever I want today, is the most blissful thing I can even imagine.

And the best part, what I want is in constant motion. And more importantly, I’m wanting it more passionately. There are days when a story is burning so hot inside me that I can’t do anything but write it. This is something I’d been missing in the past few years. My passion for storytelling is like it was in the beginning, again.

Other days, all I feel like doing is taking creative photos of The Bliss Blog Shop’s merchandise, and getting them listed on the website. (It’s not live yet. Soon, I swear.)

Some days, I just want to clean the house. One day, I felt like mums for fall. All I wanted to do was get some mums for fall. So I grabbed some at my local store for $6 a pot, and spent the afternoon planting them in my raised bed.

Some days, I feel like working on the pond, counting or sorting the fish, making sure everything out there is running smoothly.


I am doing everything I want to do, and as a result, everything I think I need to do, is getting done faster, and better than ever before.

And I have room for more, so much more.

I don’t need to manage the many parts of me, or make time or make room or worry about having or doing or being too much. I’ve come to believe trying to balance all the many aspects of our beings makes as much sense as trying to balance all the cells in our body. We don’t do that. We aren’t in charge of that.

Try just being present in the moment. Try just doing what feels best to you in any and every moment, to the absolute greatest extent that you can. When you do that, everything else falls into its perfect, natural balance.

But I have obligations!

I know. I’m in a beautiful place in my life for all this deep spiritual stuff, and many of you aren’t. Young moms, busy working women–I know you can’t just call in sick every day because your soul craves a nice long sleep-in and a month as a couch potato.

Even I don’t get to do it every day. But put this into practice as much as you possibly can. If you have a million tasks to juggle, maybe try it with those. Do them in the order you most want to do them. That one part you’re dreading won’t be so dreadful by the time you get to it. In fact, you’ll have a brilliant idea to do it quickly and easily by then. Or it might vanish entirely.

Practice during days off, long weekends, vacations, lay-offs, sick days.

Be kinder to yourself. It will change everything.

Here’s Mabon by Lisa Thiel.

Blessed Mabon,


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