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The FUN Part of LOA!

Learning that you are in control of your experience and taking the reins of your life in hand can be a lot of work at the beginning. It doesn’t have to be, but we tend to make it that way. Instead of relaxing and just feeling good, we study and read and research an practice, practice, practice. We meditate like we’re studying for a doctorate in zen. We banish negative thoughts from our mind as soon as they come in. “No, get away you nasty thought!” we shout. But inevitably, time passes, and if we’ve been consistent, our default setting shifts. We actually stop practicing being more positive, more joyful, and suddenly realize that we are. We’re there. (There, being a new level, not the ultimate level, because we’re always still growing–it’s why we’re here.)

I realized I was there the other day when my sporty little Juke Nismo needed service, and my hubby dropped it off for me and got our “loaner”(for a small fee) a Nissan 370 Z. (Not THIS 370 Z, but one like it.) It’s a car I’ve lusted after for a while, and I had an absolute blast driving it. Backtracking just a bit, I worked my way up from a constantly broken, parts devouring, labor intensive older Murano and the belief that I couldn’t afford a new one, to Lance totally beautifying my old car so that I loved it more than I loved air. Until it died utterly, one last time. Then came the new Murano whose payments were less than we’d been spending in repairs on the old one. I drove that one, loved it, realized the payments were quite manageable, and then fell in love with the cute Juke Nismo. It was less money so I could clearly afford it, and even had enough extra for its custom paint job. I love my Juke more than anything to date. And my husband dropping it off for me that day was something I casually wished for on a busy day, and it too, came to pass. This is alignment. Steps forward always, all of it easy and often inevitable, if you just stay aligned. So back to this past week and my loaner car, the hot and zippy 370 Z. When we took loaner/rental car back, I was asked how I liked it. I replied enthusiastically, “Oh, I loved it! But when I get mine, it’s going to have heated leather and an in-dash navigation system instead of that roomy glove box.” The people at the dealership laughed as if I had just told the cutest joke. I was baffled for a moment, but then I realized that they thought I was kidding. I was not joking in the least. I’ve been a fan of the Z for a long time and now having driven one, I’ve decided I’ll own one some day. And by someday, I mean in the next 2 or 3 years. I’m dead serious. I have no doubt it will happen, because I believe it will and I’m attuned and aligned and therefore, it can’t not happen. Unless I change my mind, as I often do with cars. But they thought I was saying something impossible. Like, “When I live on the moon, I’ll have a duplex.” And trust me, if I said that, I would mean it, too, and it too would come to pass. That’s where my faith is right now. It hit me anew that most people just don’t think that way. It never occurs to them that if they believe something strongly it has to be. It cannot fail to unless they block it by focusing on lack or by having what many of us have; a negative default setting in our brain. We automatically see ourselves as not the kind of people who live in houses like that, or drive cars like that, or have bodies like that, or lives like that, or spouses like that, etc. We see those people as the lucky ones, and ourselves as just ordinary. We’re not ordinary. We’re Divine. When the bible says that a person with enough faith can move a mountain, it is telling the absolute truth. Belief, faith, that’s the source of your power. I don’t have any doubt anymore. It’s gone. When something comes into my mind that I decide I want, I know I will have it. It’s just that simple. I have learned that we are God incarnate. Spirit in body. Divine energy within a physical shell. We are filled with source energy that is capable of anything we can imagine. We are a part of the Whole, and so is anything we might want to experience. And so as long as we are focused on joy and appreciation, aligned with our truest, Divine self, we can have and do and be anything we desire. My saying “My Z will have heated leather and nav,” is as powerful as God saying, “Let there be light.” It’s the same energy–the energy that creates worlds. How can anyone doubt its power? And THIS my friends, is the fun part of your study and your practice: Reaching the point where you can say, “When I get my (fill in the blank) it will have (fill in the options)” and mean it and believe it so strongly that you might as well start celebrating its arrival now. Because it’s just that done. It’s like placing an order on The more aligned you are, the more joyful, happy, content, eager, positive you are, the quicker your shipping speed. I’m still learning, of course I am. I’m still growing and evolving. I’m practicing being a bit less busy at the moment. I can get very busy and that tends to give me stressful periods where my zen is shaky. If I don’t catch myself right away, I’ll manifest an illness or some big irritating issue, coming in direct response to my mind set. Stress can only attract more stress. See how that works? So I see it, I catch it early, and I get myself OFF the stress train. I do something fun, fulfilling, something that gives me joy. I play an Abraham recording or take a nap. I’m also, very similar to the previous challenge, working on being more fully present in the moment and not letting my brain race ahead with a long to-do list. Instead of driving and thinking, “Let’s see, I’ll make it back by five, and that will give me time to post to Facebook and Twitter, check my pre-order levels and free book ranking, and put dinner on by six. And then….” No. I am focusing my attention more on this habit I sometimes still slide into. I’m pulling my brain to a halt, and instead, looking at the scenery, listening to music, singing along, watching for hawks and sometimes if I’m really aligned, an eagle, feeling good. Feeling great. Feeling my connection to source. Counting my many blessings. We’re always learning and growing. But I am very pleased with this new level of alignment I’ve most recently attained. It keeps showing me where I am over and over.

The other day, I was sitting on my sofa reading email, and my head came up as if on its own, and I heard myself say, “This seems like rainbow weather.” And then I was like, “What an odd, out of the blue thought!” I got up and went to the kitchen window, and there was a full rainbow arching overhead. I grabbed the camera, got a few shots, and then it was gone. Just like that. I’m not always blissed out. I have off days, grouchy days, under-the-weather days just like everyone else. But my default setting has shifted to bliss. My automatic response to ordinary everyday things has become very different than the automatic response of most other people. Some get a sniffle and think, “Oh hell, I’ve got the flu!” I get a sniffle and think, “Yep, my mind was all wrapped up in the annual flu shot media hype. Guess I’ll think about something else.” And then, suppose I get the flu? Most people get the flu and think, “Why me? Stupid flu.” I think, “Must be my body needed some down time. Boy am I going to relax my way through this!” (Except that I just never get sick anymore. I just don’t. Grandkids can come over and expose me to everything under the sun, and Lance and I never ever manifest anything beyond a slightly scratchy throat or headache, and we “joy” those away quickly and easily.) Most of the time, I’m just happy and enjoying the moment. And my doubts have gone entirely. I no longer have any doubt that the law of attraction works. I have learned how to use it to have the life I want. I no longer doubt that anyone can do the same. My proof of my alignment is the life I am experiencing, the people who are experiencing it with me, the way my career is going, the joy it’s all bringing me, the blessings that surround me. I’m not going to list the hard times I went through before this, because there is nothing virtuous about hard times, and certainly nothing to be gained by focusing on them. I was not aligned. Hard things happened in response to my vibration and I learned to shift my focus to the solutions and let go of the problems. Then I was able to move away from the problems and into the solutions. I don’t want anyone reading this post and thinking, Sure, easy for her to say! Life was as bad for me as it gets for anyone–and then it wasn’t. And all I did was get aligned, get positive, learn to love my life as it was and eagerly begin making the best of all that I had. My proof of my alignment comes from little things too. Tiny miracles that happen every day. Most of us don’t notice them at all. Like how the one day when I had to drive all over the countryside for various kids’ events was also the day the foliage in my area was peaking. And that as my local foliage began to wane, another day came when I had to travel further from home for more kids’ events, and it turned out that the foliage was peaking everywhere I went that day, so I got to enjoy it all over again. My blissful appreciation of Autumn color (possibly my favorite thing in the physical world) brought me more autumn color to blisfully appreciate, you see? My proof of my alignment is how I need only think of something to have it appear. And how easy it’s all becoming for me. And how when a problem shows up, I don’t see it as a problem anymore, but as a new opportunity to learn and grow, and my focus shifts immediately to the solution. What will it be? And where was my focus before, that attracted this manifestation, or does that even matter? (Usually not) And which of the many things I’ve been dreaming of, is this “problem” going to push closer to me? (It’s always one of them.) And I get to strengthen my skills by being happy no matter what sort of “problem” I might be facing, because happiness is a choice. There are no such things are problems anymore. Just challenges. Just opportunities for growth, expansion, more steadfast joy, and a stream of ever-increasing wisdom and well being. I’m becoming impossible, though. Because now that I know how this works, I want everyone I care about to be as happy and blissful as I am. And they can’t be forced. Everyone has to begin at their own starting point, learn at their own pace, and stumble and doubt here and there along the way, just like I did. But you guys, get started will you? And while you’re at it, I’ll try to work on expanding my patience and allowing everyone I love to have their own journey at their own pace. (Toughest. Challenge. Yet. 🙂 This is the fun part. Desiring things, believing in them strongly, raising my vibration to match the desire, and having it appear. This is the fun part. Ah, hell. It’s all fun! Okay if you got this far I hope you read this as a note of encouragement, showing you a glimpse of someone on a different part of the path than you might be at the moment. Every step on this journey is vital and valuable to the Whole. Every challenge creates a new solution that we, all of us, get to share. If you’re at the very beginning of understanding all this, then this is how you can begin moving forward. 1. Pay attention to how you feel. Do more of the things that result in good feeling emotions, and less of the things that result in bad feeling emotions. You will feel better and better, and therefore, attract more things that match that new feeling. After a while, I promise you, optimism will become automatic. But at first, it requires practice and persistence. Listen to the words you speak. Are you complaining? Listing problems? Denoting symptoms? Decrying bills? Or are you praising? Talking about the things going right in your life? Counting your blessings? Celebrating joyfully? 2. Every problem has a solution. Start focusing on the solutions, not the problems, and watch the problems dissolve away. 3. Be the happiest you can possibly be right where you are, right now. Remember not to be happy or unhappy based on what’s going on around you. That’s giving away your power. Start noticing the good things about your life, right where you are, right now. Start making the very best of the things around you, right where you are, right now. Fall in love with your life right where it is, right this minute. This might feel phony and forced at first, but as you move ahead, it will become real. You’ll be stunned at how real it becomes. And things just get better and better. Okay, go practice. It’s the season of gratitude, so start counting your blessings. Love you all! Maggie

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