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The Longest Night of 2019

The sun's reborn, and so are we!

It always thrills me to notice how everyone is celebrating the same thing at this time of year, regardless of what they call it. Life’s triumph over apparent death, death being an illusion, light prevailing over darkness and good over evil. More than that, though, we mimic it in our own lives.

The sun is reborn at dawn on 12/22, beginning a new solar year. As a culture, we really embrace that energy on January 1st, which we call New Year’s Day. But regardless of when we celebrate it or what we call it, this energy is that of the great cosmic do-over. It’s a chance to review the year gone by, and use all we experienced to adjust our course for the year ahead. It’s an opportunity to start anew. Everything is fresh and new again.

My Solstice Ritual

Putting our goals into words and setting those words onto the written page is an act of making thoughts into physical things. It’s a first magical step toward even bigger manifesting. You’re welcome to try it. I usually crumble the cookies the next morning, and scatter them outside for the birds. I pour the milk into the snow as an offering to the earth.

2019 was huge!

2019 was a big year for me, personally. I released 11 titles, opened the magic shop I’ve always dreamed of, and became a great grandmother. My total at the moment: 5 daughters, 14 grandchildren (7 girls and 7 boys – can you believe it?) and 1 great grandson. That’s a freaking awesome year. We are also the proud parents of a whole lot of koi fish and the beginning of Serenity Koi Farm. So many dreams came true for us this year.

I have a big list for 2020, too. Mainly, I want to keep doing the things I love. I’d like it to be a bit easier to spend quality time with the family members who are farther away. I’d like my health to stay vibrant and glowing. I’d like abundance to flow with ease. I’d like my shop to become a lucrative income stream while continuing to be fun, fun, fun, and I’d like a magical space in which to house it. I’d like to expand my reader base to double or triple its current size. I’d like to sell more copies, and then more copies, and then still more copies of every book I write. I’d like to work a little bit less and play a little bit more. I’d like a Himalayan salt cave of my very own. And frequent blissful massages. And a whole lot of fun. And to have date nights with complete peace of mind about leaving our dogs at home. I’d like my second floor remodeled, staircase included. And to finish the siding, and renovate the front porch and rebuild the back deck. Oh, and I want my second driveway paved, and the original one sealed. And then, let’s discuss that chimney, Santa.

Yeah, I could go on. My wants are many. I feel no guilt for having a big wish list. We came to Earth, partly, for the purpose of expansion. Everything we experience and every desire we launch, every wish we make, and every one that comes true, is a part of that expansion. It’s all good. Creating your dream life doesn’t deprive anyone else of a single thing. Never has. Never will. It’s good to thrive.

So what’s on your wish list for the year ahead? What’s on your thanks list for the year that’s ending? I’d love to hear all about it.

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