• Maggie Shayne

The Magical Power of Distraction

There’s a method I’m using with great success at the moment, the method of distraction, which is a form of magic all its own. A person who is lying in a sick bed thinking about their illness, is going to suffer every bit of that illness. A person on a roller coaster is not going to feel any part of his illness. Unless he gets motion sickness, in which case… Okay maybe that’s a bad example. Did you ever notice that a great movie or book can make you forget you had a headache? Or time laughing with friends is so good that you later notice you didn’t think of your achy foot once the whole time?

Crap abounds

There is a lot of anger out there in the atmosphere right now. Anywhere you look there’s anger to be seen. It’s online and on TV and among your friends and family. Everybody’s mad. As soon as you notice anger in one place, you see it in ten others, right?

That’s okay. That’s just Law of Attraction giving you more of what gets your attention. It works a lot like a Facebook algorithm. The kinds of things you respond to are kinds of things you will see more of. Doesn’t matter if the response is a like or a love or a hate or a hug.

It’s the same way in life.

Well being abounds more

So there’s a lot of anger out there for you to tap into. You know what there’s more of out there? Way, way, more of? Like a gazillion times more of? Well being. Goodness. Everything’s okay-ness. Things working the way they’re supposed to-ness.

Do you know how many things have to go exactly, precisely right for grass to grow? For rivers to flow? For tides to change with the phases of the moon? For life to even exist on this planet at all? Zillions upon zillions of things! All of them going exactly, precisely, perfectly right. And because of that, we can take a nice deep lungful of air, and it will nurture our bodies with life giving oxygen. And we can put our bare feet on solid ground because we have Earth, and not a planet of molten stone or mercury seas, or a gas giant. All life that has ever lived forms our soil. It sustains us.

So much is right. So very much is going right. Way ore than is going wrong.

Did I distract you? ?

Maybe for a minute. But a minute isn’t enough. We need to find ways to shut off the noise coming at us from all directions multiple times per day. We need to be present where and when we are. In the moment. The more frequently we can stop what we’re doing for just a minute or two, to just BE where we are, take a few deep breaths, appreciate our body and our surroundings, the better we’ll feel.

We need our homes to be our havens. We need to not bring the noise in. Make sacred spaces where no news or political discourse is allowed. The bedroom, maybe.

We can also set stress free hours, when we just turn away from the chaos by turning inward, toward our bliss.

We need quiet times and blissful spaces now more than ever before.

The outdoors I took the computer outside today, seeking a distraction from the anger coming through my TV screen for a little while. It was also good distraction from the noise coming through the internet. No signal outside. All I can do is write.

I moved my lawn table into the shadiest spot, near the water feature my husband just built. The sound of laughing water soothes my Aquarian soul. It’s breezy and cloudy, upper 70s. There’s a wind chime in the tree behind me, a great big one with deep, resonant tones. The breeze has it singing like it’s calling Maria Von Trapp to Vespers. I’m comfortable in shorts and t-shirt and bare feet. My feet are bare all summer long.

It’s very peaceful out here. This is a pocket of bliss for me. For whatever time I spend “working” here, my soul is healing. I am tuned in to nature and to my Higher Self. I am basking and present. This is the healthiest habit I could nurture.

We can’t be outside all the time

But I am finding good distractions. And I’ve discovered that’s all it takes to easily pivot away from a negative vibration and adjust myself up higher on the dial.

Another way I’ve distracted myself is with projects. You can take up any project that will be fun for you. The fun is key. Sentencing yourself to cleaning out the attic is distracting yourself from one nightmare with another one. Unless cleaning attics is a passion of yours. But truly, choose something that excites you. Start a new hobby or restart an old one. Spend time doing things you have to do anyway, but make them fun and new somehow.

I have been rearranging all the merchandise in the Bliss Shop’s little headquarters here in my home. Changing a room around is a really exciting way to stir things up and jump start the energy.

I took a break the other day and just made chocolate chip cookies for no reason at all.

Another day, I was working in the garden and found a whole pile of ripe tomatoes. I picked them all, and the peppers too, bought them inside, washed and chopped and peeled veggies, poured it all into a big pot and cooked and cooked and cooked. When it got nice and thick, I tagged the hubs and told him “You take it from here.” He wound up making a delicious pot of chili that lasted three meals. Mmm!

The other night, I spent a happy half hour coloring in one of my multiple grown-up coloring books. (The term “adult coloring books” makes them sound like porn, am I right?)

Organize the bookshelf or the spice rack. Wash the woodwork. Paint or sculpt or knit or play your instrument. Just come up with small, short distractions that feel good while you’re doing them. Not only will you end up feeling better, but you end up with completed projects that make life more fun. Win-win.

More important than ever!

Butterfly bushes: They really work!

I’ve been meditating every single morning. I go outside most days. If I don’t do it first thi