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The Power of Thought

I thought today we’d have a little primer course on getting started with taking control of our vibration, learning how to build our dreams into reality using the Law of Attraction. A lot of people find it hard to get started, because they feel that by accepting that we might create our own experiences, we must also except that we are to blame for our own past problems, illnesses, losses and pain. Or that our friends and loved ones are to blame for theirs. But that needs to be released. It’s not about “causing” our own problems. More like we might sometimes have blocked ourselves off from our natural state of well being with limiting beliefs that we didn’t even know we had. We may have been creating by default, that is, by not knowing our own power, we sort of just let whatever happened, happen to us, because we didn’t know we had an option. But that doesn’t matter. Negative experiences have extreme value because in giving us contrast, they clarify for us what would be better, and as soon as we’re clear on what would be better, we begin creating it. Other than that immeasurable value, what’s in the past is in the past, can’t be changed, and is over with.

So if we can let go of feeling accused or blamed (it’s not like that at all) and really just take any past experiences out of the equation, and instead, open mindedly explore whether there is some tweaking we can do to our vibrations that might improve things going forward, why not try it?

I’m going to give you some real life, easy to do steps that you can take that will begin tuning up your vibration right now, today. It really does begin with the deep core beliefs that we don’t even know we have. It’s in how we see ourselves, our potential, and it’s in the stories we tell. We can really start to pay attention to the words spilling out of our mouths and pens and keyboards. Once we get into the habit of spotting the negative habits of thought, we can start working on changing them.

So listen to yourself when you’re on the phone with your mom or sister or best friend. What are you talking about? Most of us automatically launch those conversations with the laundry list of what’s gone wrong this week. Then we discuss the most horrible things in the news, the crappy economy, our lousy job, the car’s most recent breakdown, and a long, long list of physical complaints. Really, we do this. This is one area we can recognize quite easily and start working on easily too. Start noticing what you’re talking about, and start thinking carefully about what you choose to make the main focus of conversation. And at first you’re like, “What else do I have to I talk about?” Well, that’s where it gets fun–you have to find something. Be on the lookout for positive things to discuss.

(Quantum moment here: The very act of looking for positive, interesting things you’ll want to talk about later, re-tunes your vibration so that you begin attracting the very things you’re looking for. Funny, interesting, pleasing, discussion-worthy things. That act of looking for them turns your radio dial to the station where they are playing. Get it?)

This is such a powerful game to play. Start carrying a notebook around, and whenever you see or experience something good, or funny, or fun, jot it down. The guy who lets you cut ahead of him in the grocery line because he has 35 items and you only had 1. Hitting every green light in town, over and over again. A hilarious joke. A lucky bottle cap that gets you a free hamburger. The other day I spent a half hour watching the crows outside McDonald’s. They’d take the bags out of the wastebasket, tip them upside down and shake them. Never fails–a few fries fall out. Then they take the fries, hop over to a puddle, and rinse the salt off in the water before eating them. I watched a half dozen crows do this same thing, and I talked about it for a week. It was absolutely delightful to me. I was in a delighted place to begin with, and so delightful things were everywhere I looked.

(I’m sure you’ll find more interesting things. I’m a bit of a bird brain.)

Anyway, this is a good exercise to try. Looking for good things and amusing and amazing things to pepper into your next conversation, in order to keep it from becoming a complaint fest. And something amazing just starts happening. More and more as you have tuned your radio dial onto this particular signal, this wavelength of things that make you smile, more and more things blip into your reality that are making you smile. (It’s the feeling place that tunes the dial, so the more fun you’re having the better.) And soon the good things multiply and grow bigger, so your conversation is full of even better things. A pay raise, a new job, a nomination, a windfall, a new lover, an aced test, etc.

Another thing to start looking for right off the bat, is your self talk. Anytime you say anything about yourself that has become a habit, pay attention to it. Really listen to yourself.

I’m terrible with money. I’ve never had smooth shiny hair, it’s always been frizzy. I have no patience whatsover. I can’t keep a secret. I get really sick every spring and fall. My knees are bad. I have awful handwriting. I’m a crappy driver. I get migraines. My eyes are getting worse every day.

So now as you become aware of these things you say automatically, you start to wonder, am I really a terrible driver? Or did I have a few bad driving experiences, and then start saying that about myself, and then start believing that about myself, and then become a terrible driver?

And if that could be true, what would happen if I now started saying, “I’m not a bad driver at all. My driving is improving every day. I’m actually getting to be pretty good driver. Hey, I’m the best driver I know!” (In stages, of course, and in between, you’d be paying attention to your driving, improving it, noticing skills you didn’t think you had, maybe taking a driving class or something.)

The point is that eventually, you would become a good driver, and you would have started that journey by changing that habit of telling yourself that you’re a bad driver. Self-talk. Important.

So to begin, get a journal and assign yourself the task of writing in it every evening before bed. Ten things that you saw or felt or experienced today that were good. And spend your days alert for fodder for your journal. And just like that, things begin to improve.

Because you have tuned your dial away from the channel broadcasting complain-worthy stuff, and onto the one beaming fun things.

Or, more specifically, you have chosen the version of reality from amid the infinite possibilities, that you want to experience, simply by shifting your focus.

Try this out and let me know how it works for you. Try it for a month, take notes, see what happens.

I intend to post several of these LOA Getting Started blog posts both here and over at my Storybroads group blog, so stay tuned!

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