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The Purity of Snow

About Water...

I was re-watching The Secret of Water, which I do at least a couple of times a year. And I was struck, this time, by the section about water’s memory. Water retains memory of everything it comes into contact with. But that memory is only retained until water changes form—when it changes from liquid to solid, from solid to vapor, or from vapor to liquid again.

Soon after, I was walking the dogs in the falling snow, one of the first snowfalls of the season. And as always, it hit me how clean, how pure it felt. And then I recalled that segment, and I realized snow feels that way because it is that way.

It has just turned from vapor to snowflake, and all it knew before has been erased. It is a blank slate, waiting to fill itself with experience.

It made me wonder if that’s how it is with passing from this life. I wondered if all memory is erased, and the thought of that didn’t feel good to me. What is it all for if we don’t retain it?

An answer came to me soft as snow. It’s not erased. It’s assimilated into the Whole. We don’t leave it behind. We remember each other. We remember the love. We remember the joy. These things become integrated into us, a part of who we now are. We know and love And yes, remember.

Mundane day to day details, the worries, the hurts, the slights, the pain, the struggles, all the money stuff—maybe that’s what we leave behind. Those details are washed clean as we change forms.

But the love, we take with us. The love and each other.

And that’s why Source is pure positive energy. Pure positive energy is the only part of us that’s truly eternal. The rest is just dust we pick up along the way. Static. Contrast, to help the good things shine more brightly.

The takeaway...

This should tell us how little those current worries and fears and problems of ours truly matter. They’re nothing, really. They’re made up. They’re not real. And they don’t go with us when we leave. We won’t even remember them. We won't remember the slights, the insults, the losses, the anger, none of it. And I'm pretty sure the dead don't remember where they hid the money.

Maybe if we mull on that, it can help us put things into perspective. Our problems aren’t as big and important as we think they are. They really don’t matter at all.

All that matters is each other. All that matters is the love.

Winter's Purpose

Winter is a microcosmic mirror because as above, so below. As within, so without. The water becomes snow. It has left all impurities behind. It is pure and new again.

Winter is a period for humanity to do likewise. We can cut our bonds with past hurts and troubles and worries as we move through this season of purification.

We can review all we carry with us and measure its value against its weight. Let the snows of winter wash away all the heavy burdens we’ve been dragging along with us through 2021. One by one during the weeks ahead, we’ll let them go, so we can emerge in spring as pure and new as winter’s first snowflake.

And for that annual (and even nightly) renewal, I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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