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The Sacred Shower. No, Really!

I was having such a great time in the shower this morning, that it hit me that maybe not everyone takes their showers as seriously as I do. And I thought, There’s a blog post in this.

And there was. So here it is. Some ways that you, too, can make even your mundane daily (or not, I’m not judging) shower an empowering, happiness boosting experience. You can start right now, today, without having to shop first. I’ll give you my two favorite shower experiences. 1. I downloaded the FREE toning meditation by Heather Macauley Noell at A Space of Love and and put it on my iPod. It’s a ten minute ooom and ahhh type meditation that brilliantly combines the two into an ahhhhhhhhhhooooooooommmm tone. It’s set to music that was created using the electric signals of a human heart in an ultra relaxed state. I mean, it’s real music, they just somehow translated the heart signals into equivalent notes. (Look, I don’t know how, this isn’t area of specialty. I just know it’s beautiful and it works.) It’s truly bliss-inducing. In Eastern Traditions, one ahhhs in the morning and oooooms in the evening (or maybe the other way around.) One tone is one of gratitude, and the other is of opening yourself up to receive to more blessings. Heather says rather than berate herself for doing one and forgetting the other, she designed this combination meditation, and it’s a powerful, peaceful, tranquil experience. I often play it and ahhoom along with it while taking my shower. (No, Grasshopper, one does not always need to meditate while sitting in the lotus position with one’s eyes closed. One can meditate while in the shower, because washing is so automatic you can do it without too much focus. I don’t recommend meditating while driving, although I’ve done that too. And so far, survived. You know, I’ve been flipped the bird and honked at angrily a few times, but aside from that…)