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The Spiritual Meaning of Sun Dogs

This beautiful image is of something we call a sun dog. It's a circular rainbow that seems to surround the sun. The sky within the circle is always brighter than the sky outside the circle.

These occur when the moisture in the air is so cold it forms ice crystals that bend and refract the sun's light.

In mythology, the god Odin is represented by the sun, and those two mini-suns on either side of him, are his dogs. A sun dog means that Odin is walking his dogs across the sky. In Greek mythology it's Zeus, who also has two dogs he walks. It is said that seeing a sun dog is good luck. And I agree, but not because the gods are walking their dogs.

Look at this photo (below) I took the first time I remember seeing a sun dog. Interestingly, I was walking my dogs at the time. Coincidence? Maybe....

I'm leaving this photo gigantic because it's worthy. Best photo ever. In this image, if you look closely, right at the very topmost curve of the first circle, you can see a trace of its mirror image, the tiny bottom curve of what looks like another circle. And if you look up higher, there it is again, larger, that curve repeating itself. It looks like a reverse rainbow.

Here's another one I shot just a few weeks ago on January 16th.

For me, these are always in the eastern sky just as the sun rises past the horizon. They are always on very cold days.

But what's spiritual meaning?

Here is it and it's way simpler than you might think, and applies to myriad things we experience in our lives. In fact the spiritual lesson of why we see sun dogs can apply to everything we experience.

When I notice something and it delights me, the Universe is going to show me more of it. When I notice something, and it really gets my attention, and I react to it in a strong way, I am actually aligning my energy with that thing. And when I'm aligned with anything, it shows up over and over again.

When I see a sun dog, I yell for my husband and grab my phone, and proceed to run around seeking the best spot from which to photograph it. For that glorious, tall image with the almost double sun dog, I was outside. I kept backing up and backing up to get a wider shot. I was frantic that it would go away before I could capture it, but I couldn't get back far enough. I wound up running about fifty yards uphill, and then lying on my back in the snow to get a wide enough angle for that one. When I'm indoors, as I was this morning, (because it was 4 below)) I run upstairs to one of the east-facing windows to get a perfect shot. I get so excited about what I am seeing that I can barely contain myself. I tend to bask in the beauty of the sun dog until it fades

I do the same thing with rainbows and have always done. And then my very next act is to share the images with everyone I can reach, because it's just too beautiful and wondrous to keep to myself.

My reaction is the reason I see so many sun dogs. It's also the reason I see so many rainbows, and spiderwebs that glisten with morning dew like diamond necklaces,like this one. And it's the same reason I just happen to look at the clock almost every time it's 1:11 or 11:11. Because I get such a charge out of it when I do, that I attune myself to that, and therefore I look up at the right moment when it comes back around.

I always know when there's going to be a rainbow. I'll look at the sky at the sun, and I'll say, this is definitely rainbow weather, and then I'll hurry to the east side of the house, where our rainbows almost always occur, and there it will be. Or if it's not there yet, it will be very soon. This morning was the first time I looked at the approach of sunrise out my kitchen window at a dark, overcast sky and said aloud, "There's going to be a sun dog. You just wait." And within fifteen minutes, there it was.

The reason I keep seeing these things that some people think are rare, is because of my reactions to them. And also because they aren't rare to me. I see them so often I expect to see them, and we always see what we expect to see.

The Flip Side

There is, of course, another side to this phenomenon. Not the phenomenon of sun dogs or rainbows or spiderwebs dripping diamonds or repeating number patterns on the clock. The phenomenon of seeing what you expect to see, what you believe in, and what you are aligned with.

It works exactly the same with not so fun stuff. If seeing negative numbers in my banking app gets as strong a reaction from me as seeing a sun dog does, (and it does) I am attuning myself to that event. I am tuning it in, and I will see more of it, and more things like it that inspire the same reaction.

If seeing a news story about injustice, animal cruelty, or politics causes a strong, powerful reaction in me (and they do) then I will see more of the same things, and more things that make me feel that same visceral way.

It doesn't matter if my reaction to something I observe is one of elation or one of outrage or one of fear. It's the reaction itself that attunes me. It's the attention I pay that aligns me. It's the strength of the emotion, good or bad, that twists my radio dial unerringly to the channel that is playing that tune. When I react strongly, feel powerfully, and pay attention to something, I will get more of it. And I will get other things like it that inspire the same reaction in me--be it another breathtaking natural wonder, or an unexpected four figure bill.

Like attracts like. That's it. That's all. It's that simple.

That's the spiritual meaning of the sun dog, and the rainbow, and 11:11. It's the spiritual reason behind winning streaks and losing streaks, miracles and curses, creativity and writer's block, and everything in between.

Everything is a mirror

All these events we are living can be incredibly helpful in showing us where our vibration is. When we see things we want to see more of, we can ensure we will by really basking in them when they do come. And when we are living something truly awful, we can help ourselves move through it more quickly by paying as little attention to the difficulties as possible. Of course we take action to fix the issue, but action aligned with the solution rather than the problem will have far better results. And we get aligned with the solution by shifting our attention to something good. Anything good. Everything good. There is so much.

Bask in what we want.

Distract ourselves from what we don't.

Get aligned with the good stuff, and THEN act.


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