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The Storyteller’s Role in a Changing World

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But first, let’s talk about what’s really happening in our world.

Humans Fear Change

Where we are and where we’ve been are comfortable places. Maybe not perfect. Maybe vastly imperfect. But we know them. They’re familiar and safe. Change, on the other hand, is new. We can’t know what something new will feel like. So we cling to the familiar. And when I say “we” I mean humankind.

But Change is Inevitable

So here’s a microcosm of the big picture, illustrated in a little story. The water in my house wasn’t great. It was hard, and had zero pressure. I was focused on what was wrong with it. But I didn’t want to spend the money to change it for fear that money would be needed for something else, and after all, I’d been living with the water I had for a decade, so no big whoop. (Fear of change, clinging to what’s familiar despite it being less than perfect, and yet constantly aware of the imperfections.)

As soon as I noticed my water was less than ideal, my higher self shot some of its own energy forward and it became my perfect water situation. Now, my higher self sees only the perfection of that. Meanwhile, little me, here in my body, is still seeing the imperfect water of the moment.

The gap between what I’m seeing and what my higher self is seeing, causes extreme discomfort. Discomfort attracts more discomfort. My higher self is calling me toward the solution but I’m still clinging to the problem. And so, the problem gets worse. The well gets contaminated, and I no longer have a choice. I must take the action I was resisting, spend the money, drill the new well, go through all the messy changes I was fighting against so hard.

And now I have great pressure, clean tasty water, and I wonder why I fought so hard. [bctt tweet=”Humans fear change so much that things have to get unbearable before we will step into the unknown.” username=”@MaggieShayne”]

This is why so many of us have such a hard time dying, so hard that we have to manifest extreme physical suffering. We can’t let go until holding on becomes unbearable.

That’s what’s happening to our world.

We Only Change When There's No Other Choice

The old paradigm is dying. The ideas of intolerance, racism, and bigotry are no longer acceptable. The great lie, that we are individual beings, unconnected from one another, is no longer believable. We are seeing through it to the interconnection of everyone and everything in our Universe.  And as we see the truth, the old ways become more and more unbearable.

We’ve identified a problem. Our Source has shot energy forward and has become the solution. The world on the other side of this problem already exists, and Divine energy is looking at it, basking in that new world.

But we are still here in the world we know, the flawed but familiar one. And we’re watching CNN and shaking our heads at every act of hatred that’s highlighted there.

Our attention to what’s wrong makes it grow. But it has to grow. It has to become unbearable where we are so we’ll finally be forced to take that scary leap into the future. It’s the only way change ever comes about.

What Can I Do?

Change will come when enough of humanity is focused on the solution rather than on the problem. Not the military solution or the economic sanctions solution or the “let’s force this to stop” solution. Not on the “how” part of the solution. But rather, solution as the opposite of the problem.

This means imagining what the world will be like when the problem is no more, and living that way right now.

The new paradigm is a world where humans have realized that we are all tiny cells within a far greater being; a world where we understand that harming anyone or anything is harming everyone and everything, and that every human of every ilk, is as intricately linked to us as our own heart.

Imagine what a world like that would look like.

We would all care for and nurture each other. Suffering would be intolerable, and killing would be unthinkable.

How You as a Storyteller Can Give Birth to Change

The role of the storyteller is more important than ever during times of great social upheaval. We are the priestesses of the imagination. We fill the world with love, with hope, with happy endings. We distract our readers from the troubling images on the news, and give them something beautiful and joyful to focus on instead. That alone makes what we do worthwhile, even vital. Because focusing on joy brings more joy.

But the potential we have is far beyond even that. We can be midwives, helping give birth to the changed world by writing about it.

Instead of dystopian fiction, how about some utopian fiction? Or even little pockets of society, small towns or isolated cities or tiny circles of friends, where love rules and violence has gone extinct.

Either way, we write about love, about the constant, steadfast, assured triumph of light over darkness. And that’s everything. It’s everything.

We are a very big part of the solution, my friends. I’m honored to be a storyteller, to be working with other storytellers, the sisterhood of the scribe, to help shine a light on the power of love. And I’m proud to counted among you, my fellow imaginers, now and always.

Now, go create something beautiful.

See you next time.

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