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The Value of Basking

I’m going to tell you something you probably won’t believe until you’ve tried it. Are you ready? Okay, here goes. [bctt tweet=”The best thing you can do for your business is nothing at all.” username=”@MaggieShayne”]

Bridge by my brilliant husband Lance Lewis

This is why there was no post here yesterday.  I was busy basking yesterday. I had my best friends over, and we spent the whole afternoon in my backyard, swimming in the warm, blue pond, listening to the stream bubbling and the waterfall falling, admiring the gorgeous bridge my husband built from scratch, (that’s it in the photo,) eating delicious sweets and goodies without guilt, critiquing each others’ stories and outlines and brainstorming and laughing together. One pal’s hubby came by with his helicopter, landed in the yard, and gave free rides. It was absolute bliss, and it gave me the idea for today’s post.

More Fun = More Success = More Fun

We usually think the exact opposite. We work, work, work, running like gerbils on treadmills to make our businesses succeed. The problem with that method is that we have no idea if all that work we’re doing is going to get results or not. A lot of that effort is wasted. Why? Because we’re trying to force something to happen, when all we really need to do is allow it to happen.

Forcing verses Allowing 101

Here’s the thing. We create our success every time we think about it. We’ve created it most powerfully with every failure and misstep we’ve made, because nothing inspires our desires more than experiencing their opposite. That’s the whole point of having failures and missteps.

So we launch a book and sell ten copies, and yearn like we’ve never yearned before, to sell ten thousand. And that yearning launches forward and becomes our 10,000 copy launch day. It’s created. It exists. Now all we need to do is tune in to it. We need to adjust our radio dial to the channel where that kind of success is what’s playing, and it will play into our lives, just like that.

Okay, I'll Bite. How Do I Tune My Radio?

By ignoring the “I only sold ten copies, wah, wah, wah,” song that you currently have on “repeat.” And shifting your focus to anything, anything, ANYTHING that is going just the way you want it to.

There are three ways to shift your pattern.

  1. Take a nap. When you sleep, you release all the bad stuff you’ve been holding onto, and when you wake, you can set your dial anywhere you choose to. This morning, I woke at 6 with a very large to-do list cycling through my brain. I though, uh-uh, no way is that going to be my day. Then I rolled over and went right back to sleep with the intention of thinking about wonderful things instead. I woke up an hour later smiling and thinking about how beautiful my home is becoming. Much better way to begin the day. Napping is the third best way to reset your vibe.

  2. Meditate for 15 Minutes. When you meditate and quite your mind, you not only release whatever you’ve been focused on that’s stressful or troubling, but you’re awake to receive any wondrous insights and inspirations that come through. Now, if you’re too stressed to quiet your mind, this won’t work, so you try the nap instead. But if you can quiet your mind, this is a wonderful way to reset your dial. I like to imagine my awareness floating higher and higher above my body until I feel as if I am my Higher Self, looking down at the physical me who is living this current lifetime. I feel absolute love for the person I am, and there is extreme power and healing in that feeling. Meditation is the second best way to reset your vibe.

  3. Bask in Pure Appreciation. This is the top way to attune yourself to receiving what you want. We tend to work and work toward success and rarely stop to enjoy any of it. But aren’t we missing the whole point? Why do we want success anyway? Because we’ll enjoy the fruits of it so much. Then why do we have such a hard time slowing down long enough to enjoy it? Stop everything and look around at what you’ve already accomplished. Look at the good things you’ve already manifested in your life. And then immerse yourself in them. Play with the new gadgets. Swim in the new pool. Sit and sip coffee on the just-mowed back lawn, or the not-so-recently-mowed one, where wildflowers (the unenlightened call them weeds) are dancing in the summer breeze. Bask in the good things in your life. This is what appreciation truly is. Not just saying “thanks for the car, thanks for the home, thanks for my kids….” in a bored monotone. True appreciation is wrapping yourself up in those things and enjoying them. Basking in what you have, being in blissful joyful appreciation, is the number one way to re-align yourself. It tunes your dial directly and immediately to the channel that is playing what you want to hear: the place that is live-streaming you more to appreciate, more to bask in, more to love.

Okay, But if I'm Always Basking, Who's Doing the Work?

Great question. Glad you asked. So here you are, working, working, working, and nothing you do is helping.

But when you are attuned and aligned with success, success has no choice but to come to you. In a state of appreciation, (or a state of meditation, or even during or after a nap) your channels are open. You are at one with your higher self, who is always basking in joy and love.

This is the time when ideas and inspirations are going to come to you strongly and clearly. These are the ideas you want to take action on. [bctt tweet=”Success doesn’t come from action. It comes from INSPIRED action.” username=”MaggieShayne”]

More Enjoyment = More Success

If you spend more time having fun, basking, enjoying and appreciating what you have, you will get inspired ideas. As you begin to implement those inspired ideas, all the people, situations and tools you need will fall into place for you. You will get far more done in far less time. And the things you do will be more successful.

And as a result, you’ll have even more time for basking, which will ensure even greater ideas, that are even more easily implemented, and will garner you even bigger success.

Cue the snowball.

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