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The Winter Solstice

The longest night of the year is tonight, and the moment of the solstice, when the sun or “sol” appears to stop or “stice” its progression is 11:48 PM Eastern Standard Time. The spiritual meaning of the Winter Solstice is an inner echo of the celestial one. We too can bring our rushing and racing to a stop, even if just for a moment. We can take stock of where we are in our lives, and where we want to be. Have we made good progress this past year? Where have we grown? Where do we still need to? What do we want to do differently during the coming spring and summer? Winter, the deep, soft, dark time of year, is when we pause to ponder. Once the hustle and bustle of holiday time is done, the shopping is complete, the gifts are wrapped, stice. Stop. Just stop. Take the time to feel this moment within you, way down deep. Your entire body is attuned and knows what is happening. If you quiet your mind, you’ll feel the energy of this time working within you. You’ll know what the solstice is to you, personally.